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Staying Cute but Healthy- Best Places to Purchase Reusable Masks

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It’s safe to say that face masks will not be going anywhere anytime soon, especially on college campuses. If you’re anything like me, you understand the struggle to find cute yet affordable reusable masks! It is challenging yet convenient to find one that fits you like a glove, is comfortable to wear, and can most importantly be used more than once. After researching various options, these are a top 3 must have masks that will keep you trendy while being safe!


Old Navy

Old navy has a large variety of masks for everyone! Between men’s, women’s, and children’s the choices are endless! The best part is they came in variety packs whether that be 5 masks for $12.50 or 10 for $25.00 dollars. Nearly all the masks have ear adjusters for the straps, which makes it an easy fit for many people. Whether you want a solid color or pattern the choices are endless!


Dippin’ Daisy’s Swimwear

Another great option for masks is a swimwear company called Dippin’ Daisy. The company is a sustainable friendly company, which uses biodegradable packaging and digital printing for all their products! There’s over 40 choices of patterns or colors, and each mask ranges between $10-15 dollars. The best part is when you buy a mask with Dippin’ Daisy they donate a mask to front line workers!



The sister company of Gap has worked hard to create two variations of masks:  “made to move” and “nonmedical everyday” masks. They are available for $25 dollars in sets of three with varieties in colors! These masks are durable as they are made with a similar fabric as their super soft leggings with adjustable straps and an interchangeable head strap.


Another great option that is not listed is to shop locally and support small businesses as COVID-19 has impacted companies big and small! Remember to stay safe by masking up this fall!

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Lindsey McCarthy

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Lindsey McCarthy is a senior majoring in Communications with concentrations in PR & Advertising at Sacred Heart University. Some of her favorites things include music, coffee, and all things Disney.
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