Start Buzzing About: REVOLT

REVOLT Television is making its way to the top.  Established by the successful and brilliant entrepreneur Sean Combs (Diddy), and partnered up with Comcast, this new television program has a lot in store for us, and is setting out to start a revolution.  One of the most popular things for young men and women today is music.  Music and lyrics really speak to people, and rap music’s popularity is skyrocketing.

What exactly is Revolt? It is a television network/channel that aims to give us all the information we want to know about upcoming music news, concerts, interviews, documentaries, and music videos.  Revolt is the next best thing.  Who doesn’t love to be the first to know about newly dropped songs? We love to say “Oh I knew this song before it became popular” and Revolt will help us do just this.  Revolt will give us a whole new perspective on rap music and rap artists, and will help artists connect with their fans even more. Here’s just a few of the many things they’ve done so far, each which have been amazing turnouts.

When rapper Wale was publicizing his new album, The Gifted, Revolt released an exclusive documentary of him presenting and explaining it. Not only did Revolt help Wale out in broadcasting his name and album, but... check this out!


Revolt TV hosted a Launch Party in New York pre Super Bowl, where Drake preformed.


Revolt TV hosted “TV’s Harlem To Hollywood Studio Reveal” where they launched and revealed the location of their studio, and many big names attended.  Diddy throws a good party!


Revolt TV hosted a free concert following the release of Rick Ross’ new album, Mastermind.  The line to get in was crazy, and the concert was insane!

At this same event, rapper Meek Mill exclusively announced the title of his new album titled ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’.  Can’t wait!


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