Simply Beaded

All over campus girls are found sporting the newest trends; over-the-knee boots, button-down skirts, but especially, chokers.  We had to get the low-down on this famous accessory from the girls who know it the best on our campus – Ali Hopkins & Sarah Cuffe.  Founders of Simply Beaded, a necklace & bracelet company created right on Sacred Heart Campus, gave us some insight on the hottest trend and all there is to know about making and selling them.

Background Info:

Names: Ali Hopkins & Sarah Cuffe

Year: Sophomores


Ali: Medford, NJ

Sarah: Marblehead, MA


Ali: Marketing

Sarah: Psychology


Q & A:

How would you describe Simply Beaded?

Trendy beaded chokers and necklaces!

How did you come up with the idea to start Simply Beaded?

We were trying to order necklaces when we found that they were too expensive for what the product was. We decided to make our own and after buying a bunch of supplies, we decided that it would be fun to sell them.


When was the moment you knew that Simply Beaded was a big hit on campus?

When people started buying them and when people who we didn’t even know on campus were messaging us with interest!


How do you come up with various styles of your necklaces / Your inspiration?

The different types of beads inspire us to try different trends. We both are huge beach lovers and definitely get our inspiration from the beach.


Who are you targeting with your jewelry?

We are targeting college girls, but some younger and older have shown interest (our moms always rock Simply Beaded).


How much do chokers & bracelets go for / How can people find you on campus?

We have an Instagram account (@simply_beaded) where anyone can direct message us with the style they like. The prices range from $8-12. Bracelets are typically $8, chokers $10, and longer necklaces $12.

Shoe-lace style longer necklaces offered in black, tan or brown.

What’re your personal favorite necklaces?

We both like the beachy style necklaces. Ali’s favorite color is blue so she loves the ones with the blue beads in the middle, and Sarah always rocks the ones with the shells in the middle.


Where do you see the business going?

We really like selling these on campus and hope to continue while we are here at Sacred Heart!


You’re both in sororities, and involved in various other clubs and activities on campus.  How do you balance school, work, and other organizations with running a business?

We typically bead in our free time, so whether it’s between classes, at night, or on the weekends, we find time to make the orders so that the necklaces are ready in a reasonable amount of time. Since our customers are mostly college students, they understand our busy schedules which is really great.

Customized matching chokers for sorority sisters!

Thanks Ali & Sarah for all the insight on one of the hottest trends on SHU campus!

Follow @simply_beaded on Instagram for the latest choker trends. DM them to order a necklace shown on their feed or create your own! Time to slay the choker game, ladies!