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SHU Tailgate Outfit Trends

With Football szn in full swing here at SHU, trendy and creative school apparel is being spotted everywhere!  From cropped sweatshirts to cutout t-shirts, SHU girls have been killing the tailgate game this year.  Homecoming this past weekend was a prime debut of every girl’s latest creations and the Her Campus team and all their friends did not disappoint!  Here are some of our favorite SHU-themed outfits thus far ~

Cut-out t-shirts are definitely the most popular choice this year.  From cropped, to lace-up, to distressed and everything in between, the possibilties seem to be endless with a simple Sacred Heart tee!

HC writers (and sorority Big & Little!) Brooke and Alex

Want to try something new? We’ve also been seeing t-shirts being made into tube tops! Talk about ~trendy~

HC secretary Ciara 

Or go for a simple knotted tee!

Campus Correspondent Laura and HC alum Julia

And of course we are still on the denim skirt and belt bandwagon.

HC writer Nina and friends 

Keep on killing the Insta game, ladies!

HC Social Media contributor Melissa


We can’t wait to see what styles the last three home games this season have in store! Submit your tailgate style photos to sacred-heart@hercampus.com to be featured. HCXO!

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