Senior Year: Your Expectations vs. Reality

It’s finally senior year. You’ve been waiting three years for this moment. You’ve spent all summer daydreaming about themed senior pub nights at Red’s, planning a hypothetical spring break getaway, and browsing through last year’s senior week photos (yes, you’re still banking on meeting a celebrity at Mohegan Sun and, no, you won’t settle for anything less than 50 Cent). As a fellow senior, I can relate. Just last week, I took my last first drive down Park Avenue. I was flooded with excitement and my expectations were high. Don’t get me wrong-- senior year is going to amazing. However, for many of you, there have already been a number of situations in which reality hit, hard.

Expectation: You finally have access to a kitchen with more than just a working microwave, so you plan on cooking every night of the year. Now you won’t have to worry about gaining weight because you’ll mimic the home-cooked meals you’ve known and loved your entire life. You stole mom’s recipe book, you own your own pair of oven mitts, and you even purchased new Pyrex Tupperware. Showing off your domestic side is one subject that will not be affected by your senioritis.

Reality: Did you say Chipotle? I’m in.

Expectation: You’re finally 21 and, more importantly, you’ve made it to your senior year of college. In your eyes, the only proper way to celebrate is by seizing every opportunity to be social. You plan on going out Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and, of course, G-Star Sundays. You don’t care if you have classes the next day, and you certainly don’t care if underclassmen are judging you.

Reality: Working as a summer camp counselor didn’t exactly make you rich. You quickly realize that your bank account is suffering after the first long weekend and ultimately decide you’ll have to slightly alter your original nightlife plans.

Expectation: Some of your girlfriends have started to settle down and your mom keeps asking if you “like” anybody. Though you find mom’s prying annoying, you can’t help but feel pressured to “find somebody.” You decide to actually look presentable for class this year, and you resolve to stop twerking to Fetty Wap altogether (well, you plan to try your best). If it all works out, you see you and your new beau looking something like this: 

Reality: You couldn’t resist dropping it low when the DJ played Fetty’s new hit “679," and you’ve realized the only guy for you is Gus from the Merritt. Hey, no other man will provide you with mac n’ cheese bites at two o’clock in the morning.

Your natural reaction when Fetty plays.

Expectation: All you can think about is making memories with your college besties. The stress of “making everything count” nearly consumes your mind. You have not given your schoolwork any thought. In your opinion, senior year calls for a “YOLO” attitude, so you’re prepared to senior slide all the way through your final two semesters. Studying, homework, and class cannot and will not get in your way.


Reality: I have to write how many pages to graduate? The “but I’m a senior!” excuse apparently doesn’t mean anything to your professors.

Expectation: After senior year of college, you will most likely move back home with your parents. You will be forced to say goodbye to every person and every place you have grown to love over the past four years. As of right now, tears form at the mere thought of graduation. You know you’ll be a wreck when the time comes.

Reality: When the time comes, you will totally bawl your eyes out. On the bright side, you have nine months to mentally prepare yourself.

It's going to be a long nine months...


Happy senior year, collegiettes!