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Return of Spring Break: Puerto Rico

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As a college senior I have adapted to the ever changing environment of post-secondary education during COVID times. Patience was practiced and sacrifices were made but last week I got to experience a college right of (delayed) passage – spring break.

Four friends and myself packed our sunscreen, cameras, and anticipation and caught a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Most travelers visit Puerto Rico and stay within the boundaries of the capital. However, with credit to a local tour guide, we got a more authentic experience. Instead of San Juan we drove through the mountainous island to Ponce. 

During our stay in Ponce, we explored the south and west coast. We went to two beaches – Playa Santa and Boquerón. Playa Santa was quaint with crystal clear waters. While the weather wasn’t in our favor when we visited Boquerón, the environment and flora was breathtaking and worth the visit.

In the middle of our trip we retraced our steps to San Juan. On our first day, we checked into our Airbnb and visited the Jardín Botánico de Puerto Rico. Navigating the area wasn’t seamless but with every site being beautiful it wasn’t even a worry. We grabbed a bite to eat at the Distrito T-Mobile. Essentially, this outdoor mall-like area has several restaurants and some activities. Later that night, in typical spring break fashion, we went out to La Placita. Due to spring break, the nightlife was buzzing. While normally a more local spot, there were many others like us on school vacation. Our second day in San Juan we headed into Old San Juan. We parked slightly outside the city center so we rode electric scooters in, one of my highlights. In Old San Juan we went to Calle de la Fortaleza, San Felipe del Morro Castle, and ventured aimlessly around the cobblestone streets. Overall, Old San Juan was evidently historically rooted in charisma and character.

After our mini-vacation, within a vacation, we headed back to Ponce. Our next day was spent at  Crash Boat Beach. This location is more of a tourist hotspot than the other beaches and it was obvious why. The water was bright, the drinks were refreshing, the fish were exotic, and the activities were endless. This beach day had to be a highlight. Later that night we went out for drinks and dancing in Mayagüez. Unlike Crash Boat, this was clearly a local spot.

You could say we tested our limits on our last day. My friends and I decided to conquer the Toro Verde Zipline. This zipline is the longest in the Americas. Fighting the nerves was worth the adrenaline and view I got from this experience. Despite having many fears, this was another peak of my trip to Puerto Rico.

I’m feeling grateful that myself and all college students are able to experience college norms and traditions once again. I encourage others to make the most of every moment and just book that trip, maybe even try exploring the local parts of your destination!

Celia Zevon

Sacred Heart '22

My name is Celia and I'm from Rhode Island! I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with a double minor in Creative/Professional Writing and Digital Marketing. Happy reading!