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We have officially hit the home stretch of the semester, Thanksgiving break. For some of us, this is our first time being home since August. That means that everything we brought on move-in day but haven’t touched in months is still sitting in our drawers while everything we forgot is sitting at our homes. Well, here is a list of four things you should bring back home as well as four things you should bring back to school.

Four Things to Bring Back Home

1. Summer Clothes – unfortunately, it is time to put those jean shorts and sandals away. You won’t be using them anytime soon, so it is definitely time to bring those home.

2. Halloween Costumes – Halloween is arguably one of the best times of the year, but it has come and gone. You will definitely clear up more space in your dorm if you bring some of those home. You can always bring them back next year!

3. Recruitment Dresses and Shoes – this one is specifically for my sorority girls. Recruitment is a chaotic time for all of Greek life that takes place in the beginning of the semester. Girls typically get new shoes and/or dresses to match the color that coordinates with their sorority. Unless you see yourself using a blue sundress anytime soon, it would be good to bring that back home.

4. Some of Your Hoodies – I promise you, you do not need ALL of those hoodies. This is a tough realization I’ve had to make, but it will clear up space.

Four Things to Bring to School

1. Your Winter Jacket – winter is just around the corner and I am starting to feel all the effects of the cold weather. The second I get home, the first thing I am doing is grabbing my coat.

2. Holiday Pajamas – this can range from a matching set to a onesie. Not only do these pajamas normally keep you warm, but who doesn’t love being festive?

3. A Charger – you most likely have an extra charging box lying around somewhere in your house. It wouldn’t hurt to bring that back up.

4. The Easily Forgettable Items – chargers, pens, towels, blankets, toothpaste. If you think you will not forget it, you most likely will. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick double check before packing your bags.

Caitlin Dalton

Sacred Heart '24

Hi guys! I'm Caitlin, I'm a double major in Strategic Communications, Public Relations & Advertising and Theatre Arts with a concentration in Acting! I am the President of Kappa Alpha Theta and am also apart of the Theatre Arts Program, Dance Ensemble and Her Campus!