Old Trends You Most Likely Forgot About

We all have had that moment when we question choices we have made in our past. Many times, we decide to look at old pictures from our middle school years and then we REALLY begin to question some of our choices we have made, especially when it comes to fashion choices. It is safe to say there are some trends that belong in the past and we hope they never come back. Here are some old trends that you most likely forgot about…


1. Silly Bands

Silly bands became a quick obsession. In case you don’t remember, silly bands were tiny rubber bands in all different shapes of animals and objects. If both of your arms were not covered in silly bands, you were doing it all wrong. And who remembers trading them with your friends if you had a double of one type?


2. Planking 

I am not sure why this “planking” trend was ever a thing, but it only shows the innocent fun we used to have. Planking occurred on any surface and it led to the ultimate picture.


3. Digital Camera Mirror Selfies


The day we all got our digital cameras was the best day. This is when the “selfie” began. The front flash mirror selfie always gives me a good laugh when I look back at it. These were iconic to every Facebook profile picture until we thankfully moved on to cell phone cameras.


4. Heelys


Heelys became a huge trend during my elementary school days. There was nothing better than skating through the hallways at school instead of walking like everyone else.


5. Scrunched Hair


The scrunched hair trend made doing hair very simple for girls and for that I am thankful. However, I do question why we thought it was necessary to use a whole bottle of gel and hairspray in order to achieve this look.


7. Pencil Thin Eyebrows

Most of us have thankfully skewed away from this trend and redeemed our eyebrows. But the pencil thin eyebrow trend was definitely an art. The higher the arch, the better…am I right?


7. Goucho pants 

The goucho pant trend was an iconic fashion choice growing up. Going to school? Wear your gouchos. Going out to dinner? Wear your gouchos. Going to a family party? Gotta find my gouchos. Let’s just say, this trend needs to stay buried in the past.


8. Picnik Edits


Picnik edits paired perfectly with our digital camera mirror selfies. We thought of every word we knew to write all over our pictures. After a night out with friends, we instantly began to picnik edit all of our pictures.


9. Black Eyeliner

The last trend here is the dreadful black eyeliner. Why did we find it necessary to put black eyeliner on our bottom water line with a heavy hand? I am just grateful I have erased this trend from my makeup routine.


10. Roll on Glitter Lip Gloss

These roll on glitter lip glosses were every girls best friend growing up. We had every flavor, and the more glitter the better!



I hope you enjoyed a quick trip down memory lane. I am very thankful that these trends are far in our past and we have moved on to better trends.