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An Ode To Comfy Sweaters

Dear Comfy Sweater,

Thank you for always being there for me, from the long months of October to May, to those chilly summer nights. You’re always able to keep me warm and comfortable, no matter how I look. Whether I have just rolled out of bed, or I am going out to dinner, you always keep me looking fabulous. When there is a day I am not feeling 100% about myself, I throw you on, and I am overwhelmed by instant confidence. I no longer have to feel guilty about eating those mac-n-cheese bites late last night thanks to your ability to hide all of my flaws. From chunky comfy sweaters, to high-low, hand-knit, cable knit, and everything in between, you always keep my outfits on point. I can dress you up or down with ease, a quality I always look for in a style piece. I pair you with jeans and booties, leggings and riding boots, or over a button down, and I am ready to conquer the world.

I can even pair you with Uggs, my wintertime go-to, for a more casual look. But we can’t forget about the summer months. Comfy sweater, you never leave my closet. You’re perfect on a cool summer evening with a pair of shorts and sandals when I don’t have a hug to keep me warm. I even throw you on over my bathing suit as the sun is setting. Without you, the sunset just isn’t the same. When days and nights are spent with you, the possibilities are endless. So thank you to the comfy sweaters hanging neatly in my closet for the style, comfort, confidence, and compliments that you always bring. You never cease to amaze me.


My fall festivities, my winter wonderland, my april showers and my summer bliss…I owe it all to you.


Yours Truly,

A believer in #sweaterweather forever.




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Katie Gennusa

Sacred Heart

Katie Gennusa is a Senior at Sacred Heart University. She is a Communications major, with a concentration in Public Relations, and a minor in Business Administration. Aside from being a Her Campus Staff writer, she is President of Kappa Delta Sorority and Editor-In-Chief of Pioneer Magazine. Katie enjoys going to SoulCycle and working at a local boutique in her town. She hopes to one day own her own business.
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