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To preface this article, I am a casual anime watcher and enjoyer. I say “casual” because lately, I haven’t had time to watch these shows as much as I should because I’ve been busy with work and school. As summer break quickly approaches, I’ve compiled a list of shows that my dearest friends have begged me to watch as well as those that I have yet to finish or have wanted to watch. To keep things brief, here are my top three new shows to watch, which are all on Netflix.

  1. Your Lie in April: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Your Lie in April is about a young piano prodigy, Kousei Arima, who has lost his motivation for playing music until he meets Kaoru Miyazono, a violin virtuoso. Kaoru reignites Arima’s passion for the piano by getting him to accompany her in a violin competition, and then pushes him to start competing again. Not only are the art style, playing animations, and music wonderful, but as a pianist myself, I recognize the kind of world that Arima and Kaoru live in, and thus have really emotionally connected with this anime. I started Your Lie in April last semester, but haven’t gotten to finish it, which is why it’s the first on my list for the summer.

  1. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

I’m sure those who are somewhat familiar with anime or manga have heard this title. It’s a relatively new and popular title that follows the journey of Tanjiro Kamado becoming a demon slayer after his family was killed and his sister, Nezuko, was turned into a demon. The show features a loveable cast of characters voiced by incredibly talented actors in both the subbed and dubbed versions, a dynamic art style with incredible fight scenes, and a beautiful storyline. That’s as much as I know about it, and I can’t wait to hop on the hype train! 

  1. Komi Can’t Communicate: Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu.

Because I’m such a diehard fan of the “slice of life” genre, Komi Can’t Communicate has one of the top spots on my list. Originally a weekly manga series, it is now an original anime adaptation on Netflix with a second season coming next month. It follows the day-to-day life of Komi Shoko – a young girl who is extremely popular among her classmates for her beauty yet is unable to talk to anyone due to her social anxiety. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this series, so I want to see for myself how they represent social anxiety through the character of Komi.

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