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April was a really good reading month for me! I got lucky in the paperbacks I picked up and was able to add a ton of new five-star favorites to my bookshelf! Here’s what I read and recommend to avid readers and bookworms alike!  


“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty

One of the first books I read this month was “The Chain.” This book was lent to me by one of my friends and I couldn’t wait to tell her how much I liked it! This book is a thriller/mystery, and while the writing style is simple, the plot kept me hooked the entire time. The storyline for this book is one of the most unique concepts I’ve ever seen, and it literally destroyed me to find out it is based off of historical events. If you need something to get you out of a reading slump, this fast paced book is one I highly recommend!


“The Woman in The Window” by A. J. Finn

Another mystery/thriller I read this month was “The Woman in the Window.” Soon to be a major motion picture starring Amy Admas, this is hands down one of the BEST thrillers I’ve read in a really long time! I If you can get past the rather slow introduction (which to be fair is needed to better understand our main protagonist) the middle to end of this book is worth the wait! It had the perfect number of twists that kept my brain churning even after I put it down each night. I am so excited to see the movie and hope it rings true to all the great details I loved so much in the book!


“The Only Woman in The Room” by Marie Benedict

Taking a step in the opposite direction from the stack of thrillers I read this month, “The Only Woman in The Room” is a historic retelling of the life of actress and scientists Hedy Lamarr. Let me preface by saying, after reading this book and absorbing all the Hedy Lamarr content I could get my hands on, I can say for sure she is one of my new heroes. This book is one of the most accessible and interesting takes on WWII that I have ever read. I came away with such a unique new perspective on being a European immigrant in the late 1930’s and how freedom comes at the cost of guilt. I absolutely know I will be recommending this book to everyone I see because it has become one of my all time favorites!!

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