My Forever Five

As a junior in college, I look back at who I was freshman year constantly. I am completely different; life has changed tremendously. As a freshman, I was almost scared of my own shadow. There was a constant anxiety to fit in and do things a certain way. I always thought to myself, be like everyone around you and don’t stand out too much. I was afraid of being different. I took want people thought into consideration with everything I did. Living in a room with two other people, I was worried from the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I closed them.

I started to change when I met my friends, that are now my housemates. These girls are the people that make me feel comfortable in my skin. They brought my inner light out. Without them, I would still be that girl that was afraid of her own shadow. I learned to be myself, it is okay to be your own person. Being yourself is the best version of you. There is no need to focus on what other people are thinking, the most important opinion is your own. Confidence is key, without confidence there is a chance you might get lost in the crowd. Make your presence know, be confident in who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to stand out. They taught me to get out of my comfort zone because that is when all different types of doors open. Stepping outside your comfort zone can land you so many opportunities. They have encouraged me to take a leap of faith in everything I do. If it doesn’t work out the way I originally wanted it, that okay. That only means that it wasn’t meant to be and there is another opportunity in the future. Most importantly, they have taught me that kindness goes a very long way. In every situation, a person should try to be kind no matter the circumstances.

Thank you to my favorite people in the world for teaching me new things everyday about myself and the world around me. I would not be where I am today without you. Thank you for believing in me and sticking by my side with everything. Our friendships are ones to remember. I could never forget all the moments we have shared, good and bad. Lastly, thank you for loving me and becoming family. My Forever Five.