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It’s finally Fall! I’m so excited to share some of my favorite new trends that I’ve been dying to try out this season! These are perfect pieces to easily style as you’re making the transition out of your Summer pieces and into your Winter wardrobe! 

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Cowboy Boots 

My first favorite new trend are cowboy/knee high boots. These are so cute and have definitely made a comeback this season. Gone away are the ankle boots of the past, while longer more leg hugging boots are what’s hot this Fall! My favorite way to style is with longer skirts and dresses for a laidback, effortless look! 


Sweater Vests 

My next favorite Fall essential are sweater vests. These have been EVERYWHERE, and are so sweet and easy to style. For a modern day preppy vibe, I would style with a tennis skirt and some ankle socks! For a more grunge and boyish look however, make sure to add an extra baggy layer underneath and wear with more straight leg pants! 


Glasses Chains 

Another style trend I’ve seen this Fall are glasses chains. You might remember this one from your elementary school librarian, but trust me they’ve gotten better! They are now coming out with more modern versions of this classic accessory, making them have large and colorful oversized chains, and adding fun accents like pearls or pom-poms! I love to wear these on my glasses for some extra spice, but they are even more practical if you attach them to your mask! Did someone say COVID-19 with style?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Patchwork and Colorblocking 

A big trend that I see creeping up into Fall is color blocking. I see this trend everywhere, with different clothing pieces having sections of color or pattern matched together in geometric shapes. Where I especially have noticed this trend is with denim. I’ve seen striped, half-and-half, and many more patterns emerging on jeans with different shades and textures using their color blocking technique. I would definitely grab yourself a pair for this season! 



Lastly, a tried and true classic Fall trend this season is layering. However, layering has evolved to become less about keeping you warm, and more about keeping you stylish! You may have seen the “Gucci Model” trend on TikTok where people will layer random clothes and accessories in unconventional colors and patterns. After completing the look with a headscarf and boots, BOOM they look straight out of a Gucci catalogue! The trick many fashion designers have used for years is finally making its way to the public, your clothes don’t have to match they just have to go! It’s so cool to rock different colors, textures, patterns, and shapes together that you think normally wouldn’t mesh well. To start this trend off easily I would style your favorite graphic tee under a differently patterned dress and see how you like it!

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