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Fall is without a doubt one of my favorite seasons. It is such a transformative period where I always find myself growing and evolving as a person; while I spread myself thin with involvements. The weather begins to grow cooler; the leaves change colors, and spooky season makes its way to college towns across the country.  During this period – there is so much to do because the weather is not too cold nor too hot; allowing me to personally wear all of my newest sweaters and accessories that fulfill my fall wardrobe. Below I will be listing some things I am striving to do this fall, and you should try them out as well! Though it’s an extremely busy time of year, making the most of every month is extremely important in college. 

  1. Jump in a pile of leaves
  2. Watch Charlie Brown
  3. Bake an Apple pie
  4. Bake a pumpkin Pie
  5. Apple picking 
  6. Experience a Haunted Hayride or “Walkthrough”
  7. Try and compare every pumpkin spice latte from different markets
  8.  Hiking in an area with foliage 
  9. Carve Pumpkins
  10. Curl up next to a firepit
  11. Give back to your community
  12. Make a Fall Cocktail
  13. Visit a cemetery and get spooked!
  14. Create a collection of fall leaves
  15. Gather friends for Friendsgiving
  16. Start a giant puzzle
  17. Learn how to knit
  18. Go shopping for a fall wardrobe 
  19. Get lost in a corn maze
  20. Plan an autumn picnic 
Madison Miller

Sacred Heart '23

Hi everyone - I’m Maddy Miller from Narragansett, Rhode Island, and am studying sociology on the path to become an Occupational Therapist with a double minor in psychology and writing?Her Campus means so much to me and gives me an expressive platform to be myself and to showcase my creative potential. I am fortunate to be a editor for Sacred Heart University!
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