The Most Common Misconceptions about Sororities

From the outside looking in, I’m sure many of you have thought stereotypical things about sorority girls. For those of you who are in a sorority, I’m sure you get accused of these things on a daily basis. Sure, we cheer and take cute Instagram pictures, but there is much more behind what we appear to be.


We pay for our friends.

Yes, we do pay dues every semester but little do you know it goes to our philanthropies and several other campus fees. Sisterhood is priceless, these are lifetime connections we have created.

We don’t do community service. 

In order to be a successful chapter, we are responsible for hosting philanthropic events. Not only are we required to be involved, we want to be. Our philanthropies are near and dear to each of our hearts, they make each of our sororities unique.

We don’t actually love our Bigs.

You might think you’ve seen too many Instagram captions regarding our family lines. You might think it's fake but there's no love stronger than a big and a little, it’s a bond that continues past college!

All we do is take pictures.

I mean of course we take so many pictures at our events but you have no idea how small our window is for picture taking.

Recruitment is an easy process.

Recruitment is an amazing process because of the result but during recruitment, there are blood, sweat, and tears. There are long hours and we all lose our voices at the end, but it’s the best sisterhood bonding of all.

You’re only friends with your sorority sisters.

 One of the most common misconceptions about sorority sisters is that we're cliquey and competitive. Meanwhile, we support every other Greek organization on campus and may be best friends with a girl in a different sorority.


Sorority girls don’t just braid each other's hair and post cliche Instagram pictures. We volunteer and raise money for our communities. We are different from every other organization on campus. We are not just a club or a sports team, we are a family.