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Man Crush Monday: Twenty-one Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Eric Decker

1.      He’s obviously gorgeous. I mean take a look for yourself…


2.      Double-take: The bod


3.      He’s athletic–like pro-athlete athletic.

4.      He somehow manages to be gorgeous and athletic at the same time

5.      Imagine if he was your high school’s football star

6.      He supports his wife…

7.      …who just so happens to be the wonderful Jessie James

8.      And she supports him as well

9.    He FLEW to see her on their first date. How’s that for romantic?!

10.  He even makes her his WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)

11.  AND makes her breakfast in bed

12.  THIS (note the caption: hashtag love)

13. He plays the guitar



14.  He’s an animal lover

15.  He loves them so much he started the organization, “Deckers Dogs,” which helps fund the rescue, care and training of services dog for military veterans returning home with disabilities.

16.  But that’s not all he does for charity work. He and some of his previous teammates have hosted holiday shopping trips for children of underprivileged families. Below is a picture of one of the children from the Metro Denver Boys and Girls Club who took part in a Target shopping spree with the former Denver wide receiver.

17. He can rock a beanie


18.  He is SO excited to be a Dad  


19.  He’s funny… “Aw Helllllll to the no”

20.  He participated in this GQ photo shoot with Jessie regardless of what the guys had to say about it in the locker room

21.  Sunday nights were so much more boring before his reality TV show with wife, Jessie James Decker. New season begins March 30th!!!


….And we could go on. But for now, here are a few more pics that will make your heart melt even more: 



And last but not least…

To support E Deck’s organization, Deckers Dogs, follow the link below and check out their website!


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