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It seems like the new “fad” lately is showing yourself the same love that you give to your friends, family, and significant others, right? But for some of us, it may not be the easiest thing to do. I’m no expert, but with some practice and patience, I’ve learned to love myself throughout the years, and I’m so proud I can now confidently say that I do. Self-love allows for a whole new mindset, sense of freedom, and opportunities. Wanna jump on the self-love train but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started, based on your primary love language!

If your love language is acts of service:

Do things that future you would thank past you for by setting yourself up for success! Take five minutes each night to write a to do list for the next day, go clean up the inside of your car, restock your pantry and clean up your living space so you can have a clear head. All the things you wish other people would do for you, can be done by yourself! If you are able, express gratitude by getting things done for yourself, then be proud for accomplishing it.

If your love language is physical touch:

Daily body scrubs in the shower, styling your hair, applying a face mask, or a nice little foot rub are easy ways to express love to yourself through physical touch. Also, don’t be afraid to hug yourself! Wrap those arms around your beautiful body and just be still! Sometimes we just really need a hug, and there’s no shame in that at all.

If your love language is words of affirmation:

Speak to yourself in the mirror! Every morning, express three things you’re grateful for. Every night, express three things you appreciated from that day. Hint: you can always find something, even if it’s the same few things every day. Another fun way to do this is before exams, first dates, or any other nerve-wracking situation—tell yourself that you have confidence and OWN it!

If your love language is quality time:

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you would and do some morning journaling. Put your phone down at lunch and ask yourself how your day is going so far, and how you want the rest of the day to go. Say goodnight to your friends and family an hour before bedtime and do that extensive nighttime skincare routine you’ve been meaning to implement! This is my personal love language and trust me– small changes will make a big difference overtime.

If your love language is gift giving:

Get in your car, head to your local supermarket, and go get yourself a bouquet of flowers. My all-time favorites are the $3.99 bouquets from Trader Joe’s! Flowers aren’t your thing? Go pick out a new pair of fuzzy socks, get some ice cream, or a new nail polish. These gifts don’t have to be costly… but if you want a $500+ pair of shoes, by all means– BUY the shoes!

Take the love language test online for free, then take one of these ideas and run with it! The possibilities are endless, get creative! Show yourself some love in any way that makes the most sense to you— you certainly deserve it <3

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Emily Zizzadoro

Sacred Heart '22

Sacred Heart University, Class of 2022 College of Health Professions, Exercise Science Major/ Psychology Minor Chi Omega Fraternity, Recruitment Chair Host of The Uncensored Self Podcast
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