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A Letter to my Mom as a Freshman

            Since I was a little kid I always had a special bond with my mom, she calls me her mini me. We like the same foods, like doing the same things, and have very similar personalities. We have been through a lot together and somehow always have a laugh at life when things go wrong. When my friends were mean to me in middle school or high school, she was my best friend, comforting me when I was sad, and supporting me through everything. She was my biggest cheerleader when I played sports, or got an A on a test. And when I was stressed about school she would do things to cheer me up, and she still does in my freshman year of college.


            I grew up in a very loving home, always hugging and kissing each other, especially after a bad day. My mom was always there, swooping in as the super hero, picking me up from school when I was sick, driving me to practices, and always putting me before herself. Even when we fought about things, we never stayed mad at each other for more than a day, because we just loved each other that much, and nothing was important enough to come between that.

            There are countless amounts of times where I was in the middle of a school day and just broke down because of things that don’t matter now, and you picked me up and took me out to the the mall, or a restaurant, or just took me home to watch TV and talk about it. You helped me with my school work and helped me get into college. You taught me that friends and boyfriends come and go, but family is forever, and I can always count on family. You helped me with anything that I needed help with whether it be making a school project, being my girl scout leader, or working out with me for sports tryouts.

            As an adult our relationship has only gotten stronger, and I want to thank you Mom. For always putting your kids first even when you had crisis of your own to deal with. Thank you for loving us, nurturing us, rasing us, sending us to the best schools, and always encouraging us kids to be better. You were and still are my biggest role model and I hope to be as good a Mom as you are when I have kids. I am going to show my own kids the love that you have showed me and my siblings.

As Valentine’s Day is coming up, you are my Galentine everyday and always. I can always call you when I’m upset, or go to the farmers market and to garage sales with you. I can always count on you to support me, protect me, and love me. I love you Mom.


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