A Letter to my Little as She Becomes a Big

Dear Little,

I can't believe the time has finally come, it feels like just yesterday you were my rush crush! Now that you're going to have your very own little… or littles, I want you to know a few things...

Don't forget about your big! Just kidding, I know you wouldn't ;).  I want you to know that you can still come to me whenever you need advice on anything (like you've been doing every day since we've been big and little)!

Getting a little is one of the best parts about being part of a sorority so don’t take it for granted. Show your little(s) everything that I have shown you the past year, AKA where to get the best ice cream after a night full of studying.

You will finally understand what I'm talking about when I say you’re like my child! As soon as you became my little, I felt the responsibility to protect you from anything and anyone that could hurt you. If you mess with my little, you’re messing with me and now same goes for you and your little(s)!

Throughout this year, you’ve gone from being a complete strange to me, from becoming my little and now being one of my best friends. We’ve had so many laughs and so many times we can’t remember. I cannot wait till we extend our family and show them what it’s like to be a part of the best. Being a big isn’t just about the title, it’s about always being there for your little no matter what! This may sound clique but, getting you as my little has exceeded my expectations. You made my sophomore year one of the best years and I cannot wait to see what more is in store. Everything from family dinners before chapter to just hanging out on a Friday night, you’ve made me so happy to call you my little. You’re the little sister I never had. My life has for sure changed after becoming your big and I couldn’t imagine you not a part of it! I just hope for you that you and your little(s) have the same relationship that you and I have! Our new edition(s) to the fam are in for it! I can’t wait to become a G!


Your big