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A Letter to My Best Friend Who’s Graduating

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Everyone says you don’t get to pick your best friends and I couldn’t agree more. Those special people gravitate their way into your life and then one day down the road you realize you are best friends and wonder where all the time went. When the time comes to say goodbye to the person you spend every second with because they are a year older than you, you blink and then cry a lot of happy but also sad tears celebrating the amazing bond that is your friendship.


To my Senior best friend,

The day I have been dreading is finally here, when I have to give my best friend to the real world. I couldn’t be more proud of the person I have seen you become but I know the adult world is ready to embrace everything you have to offer.

Thank you for being the one person in the room with a comforting smile my freshman year. Having an older friend was probably the coolest thing I could tell my friends from home that year. Having you by side has shaped me into the person I am today. By watching you grow it helped me grow. Each of your stories and all your advice impacted my every decision. Even though you are only a year older than me I feel like you were always one step ahead and always knew the right thing to say before I could even ask you.

Thank you for encouraging me to be myself and to enjoy every single thing college has to offer, and then doing those things with me. I wouldn’t want to get wine drunk on a Tuesday night, wake up for a beach sunrise, or find the best coffee shops in town with anyone else.

I know my college experience would be completely different without you. I am already trying to figure out who I will spend all my time with next year, but I know you will be coming back to visit. I will also be visiting you every chance I get in your cool new life, so you can’t get rid of me too quickly!!

Thank you for being my best friend and for making my college experience so special. Love you always.

Congratulations on your college graduation ♡

Meg Rice

Sacred Heart '19

Taylor Swift enthusiast, lover of caramel iced coffee, & sister of Zeta Tau Alpha at Sacred Heart University
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Laura Lampert

Sacred Heart

Laura is a Communications Studies major with a concentration in Digital Marketing/PR.  Campus Correspondent at Sacred Heart, overly-involved, and always five minutes late with an iced coffee.