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Lady GaGa has been crushing it lately or really ever since we first heard Poker Face back in 2008.

At first, we fell in love with her for her upbeat music and iconic outfits. However, lately, she has proved to us that she is not just a pop star, but also an amazing and now Oscar-winning movie star because of last year’s “A Star is Born”.

Here is a list of how Lady GaGa and her music makes us dance, cry, feel love, empowered or just happy all together:

1. This is a Given but when you want to dance…. JUST DANCE

“Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm, Just dance, spin that record, babe,”

I would argue that it is impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to this song. This song is so fun, catchy, and very hard to not sing along to…it is a must for any DJ on a dance floor to play. Also, this will forever be my favorite song of hers.   

2. When you want to show someone how much they mean to you…. SPEECHLESS

“And I know that it’s complicated, But I’m a loser in love, So baby raise a glass to mend, All the broken hearts, Of all my wrecked up friends, I’ll never talk again, Oh boy you’ve left me speechless, You’ve left me speechless, so speechless, I’ll never love again, Oh friend you’ve left me speechless, You’ve left me speechless, so speechless”

This is a powerful song filled with great emotion. I actually did not hear it until last year but it is one of her older songs. While writing this list, I looked up the meaning behind this song and GaGa wrote it for her Dad who had a heart condition and was hesitant about getting open heart surgery to get it fixed. However, in 2009, Lady GaGa confirmed via Twitter that “My Daddy had open-heart surgery today. And after long hours, and lots of tears, they healed his broken heart, and mine,” *cue the tears*


3. When you’re in love… Music to My Eyes (duet with Bradley Cooper)

“Your voice is quite a view, I heard a song and then I saw you, I learned the lyrics and knew you were mine, Dance the horizon with you, I wanna sing you a sunrise, And be the dawn I know will move you, I’d like to be the strings on your guitar, Touch me and play what you feel”

I LOVE THIS SONG… I think it is so sweet and everyone deserves to find someone who would describe them in this way. This song is a hidden gem from the soundtrack of A Star is Born.

4. When you’re feeling insecure or unsure about yourself… Born This Way

“’There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are’, She said, ‘Cause he made you perfect, babe’, ‘So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far, Listen to me when I say’, I’m beautiful in my way, ‘Cause God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way, Don’t hide yourself in regret, Just love yourself and you’re set, I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way (Born this way)”

This song is very empowering and reminds us to embrace our flaws and who were are in every form. Whenever I hear it, I always think of the episode of Glee when they sing it while wearing t-shirts that say their biggest insecurities on them showing that they accept who they are whether they like everything about themselves or not. This is an important message that everyone needs a reminder of every once in a while

5. When you’re driving in the car and just want to sing at the top of your lungs… SHALLOW (duet with Bradley Cooper)

“I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never meet the ground, Crash through the surface, where they can’t hurt us, We’re far from the shallow now”

I catch myself singing this song all the time. Ever since I saw A Star is Born, I can’t get enough of it. I am 100% guilty of driving, cranking the volume in the car all the way up and belting this song out word for word. I definitely do not hit the notes as well as Lady GaGa but I do try. The lyrics of this song are so deep and meaningful and then it’s just fun to attempt to sing the crazy notes so I definitely recommend putting this song on aux next time you’re on a nice drive.


 6. When you’re having a Girls Night with your pals… Telephone (duet with Beyonce)

“Boy, the way you blowin’ up my phone, Won’t make me leave no faster, Put my coat on faster., Leave my girls no faster, I shoulda left my phone at home, ‘Cause this is a disaster, Callin’ like a collector, Sorry, I cannot answer”

Lady GaGa and Beyonce on a song TOGETHER, do I even have to say more than that?

7. When you need to release some stress or anger… Alejandro

“Don’t call my name, Don’t call my name, Alejandro, I’m not your babe, I’m not your babe, Fernando”

I wrote this list while sitting with my friends and my friend Jill said “I feel anyone can angerly pump their fists to the beat of Alejandro” and I totally agree. The beat is very strong and could be paired with a good workout.


8. When you’re just happy and in a GREAT mood… Edge of Glory

“It’s time to feel the rush to push the dangerous, I’m gonna run right to, to the edge with you, Where we’ll both fall far in love, I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hangin’ on a moment of truth, Out on the edge of glory and I’m hangin’ on a moment with you, I’m on the edge, the edge, the edge, The edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, I’m on the edge of glory, And I’m hangin’ on a moment with you I’m on the edge with you”

This song is just your basic feel-good song. It gives off a great vibe and has a lot of instruments including an amazing saxophone solo. I guarantee this upbeat jam will uplift your mood.

9. When you don’t want to play any games or be “don’t want to be friends” but actually want a relationship with someone… Bad Romance

“I want your love and I want your revenge, You and me could write a bad romance, (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh!), I want your love and All your lovers revenge, You and me could write a bad romance, Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance, Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooh! Oh-oh-ooh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance, Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah Gaga ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance

If you play this song for someone you want to be with, they will definitely get the message. Behind all the catchy rhyming and French words, this song actually has a lot of vulnerability and honesty behind it, basically, it is saying that no matter how bad or awkward at love either of you are, you still want to take a chance and fall in love with someone. Only Lady GaGa can have that poweful message and about a hundred “GAGA oh la la”s all in one song.


10. When you’re facing a tough decision… Million Reasons

“I bow down to pray, I try to make the worst seem better, Lord, show me the way, To cut through all his worn out leather, I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away, But baby, I just need one good one to stay”

Sometimes when we have to face a hard decision, we value everyone else’s input and opinion and completely disregard the most important opinion, our own. This song reminds us to look at all the pros and cons, the good and bad, and that everything has one good reason or possibility.

11. When you’re just in a LADY GAGA mood… Poker Face

“Can’t read my, Can’t read my, No he can’t read my poker face, (She’s got me like nobody), Can’t read my, Can’t read my, No he can’t read my poker face, (She is gonna let nobody), P p p poker face, p p p poker face, (Muh muh muh muh), P p p poker face, p p p poker face, (Muh muh muh muh)”

YOU’RE LYING to yourself if you don’t admit that deep down, you secretly love this song. This song is classic Lady GaGa with its great dance beat, catchy rhymes and lyrics, and just the overall feeling it gives off. This song is the first glance of GaGa we got and it still never disappoints. I have met so many different people of all different backgrounds who love this song, it is forever a classic and the reason many of us first started to listen to and love Lady GaGa.


Sacred Heart student from Mass, sharing my thoughts and interests with others on Her Campus :)
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