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Keeping Up with Your Home Relationships While at College

As well all know going away to college can put a strain on all our relationships back home. These relationships can either be with friends, family, or even that special someone. Whichever relationship you are struggling with, don’t stress over it. Here are a few situations you may find yourself in when away at college.


Being a college student means being away from family and it is definitely a challenge. As young adults, we still dependent on our parents to help us with small things like our laundry, cleaning for us, and cooking delicious homemade dinners. When away at college, we all know the struggle of having to do those things by ourselves and wishing our family was there to help. College also makes you realize how much you miss having that annoying sibling around, or receiving those 100 texts from your mother asking you to run errands for her. Just having the company of your family and knowing they are around is something to miss, Adjusting to the college life can be hard.


If you are a student who lives in another state, you most likely will have a change in friend groups after coming to college. Wherever home may be, there was that friend group that you have had for most of your childhood. You had your core 4 or 5 people that you did everything with, and now being at college and not having them by your side can be a little bit strange. When coming to college, you go through the process of finding your new core 4 or 5 friends. This can be scary and intimidating at first, but everyone is in the same position. Once you find your new college friends, you will have friends that will stick by you for a lifetime.  


Sometimes college students have a significant other from back home. This can be hard but is a great way to really figure out if the two of you are meant to be together. When having a significant other, they most likely are going to college as well expect other than Sacred Heart University. Being away from that person and not seeing them every day, like at home, can cause you to miss them more than ever which creates a sense of emptiness. It is okay to feel like this because we all know that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Having your significant other visit is also a great way to see them more often and to show them the amazing campus which has become your home away from home. In the end, if it turns out that the distance doesn’t work out, there are a lot of cuties at SHU to help you bounce right back!



Staying close with the people we love back home will always be important to us and going away to college will never stop us from making time for them. Moving away just means we get to miss them more and realize the special people we have in our lives.


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