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Ah yes, back again with yet another article about the Jonas Brothers. This time I thought I’d write a little recap about what an incredible year it has been for these three brothers. On February 28, 2019, the boys officially announced their comeback and here we are, one year later. They have accomplished so much this year and it’s crazy to think that it’s only been just that, one year. At this point it feels like the boys never left. 

They started their comeback off with a brand new single ‘Sucker’ that helped pave the path for this new era of the Jonas Brothers. Upon hearing the song, fans could hear just how much they have grown since their last album vocally and lyrically. Since the split, the three boys all found love and started families so it was clear that that would be evident in their lyrics. Following this announcement, the song came only a couple days later, leaving fans no time to wait. They soon announced their documentary, memoir (which the release has continuously been pushed back), album and tour, giving fans a lot to look forward to.

Their documentary was the first to come and it did not disappoint, seeing as this was the reason they decided to get back together. What started out as a documentary to tell the behind the scenes of the band and their decision (Nick’s decision) to end the band, turned into them deciding to bring the band back together. Next came their album “Happiness Begins” which was also the name of their tour. The album was an amazing comeback for the boys and definitely set the tone for what the next months would look like. 

The tour, which just recently ended, was truly a magical experience. Not only did they sing their new album, but they sang what the fans dubbed “Mandy Mega Mix” which included a bunch of their older hit songs, like Mandy, Paranoid, Got Me Going Crazy, and more. The boys also recently announced their Vegas residency which is starting up next month for a couple of weeks. 

While many think that after the residency they are going to take some time to rest from this crazy year, the boys have proven us wrong by saying that they will be announcing their NEXT album, (yes another one), very soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to see what they have in store for us next and cannot wait to drop all my money on the next tour! 

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