How to Transition from Winter to Spring Fashion

The spring season is almost here and that means a MAJOR update to our closets! It can be difficult to switch out your entire winter wardrobe while the weather is so confusing and frustrating but I’ve found that one of the best ways to transition from winter to spring fashion is to keep essential pieces from both seasons in your closet. Have a good mix of winter cardigans and lined jackets on hand but slowly add in floral dresses and sandals for those warmer spring days. Meanwhile, a must-have is a rain coat - everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers. Keep reading for even more tips to consider when changing up your seasonal fashion sense!


Mix and Match with Layers.

The best way to pick an outfit for those days when it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon is to layer your clothing. Start with a cute lace or mesh tank and then throw on a cardigan or jean jacket. This way you will be nice and warm in the morning and can later on peel off those layers to get in some extra vitamin D in the afternoon.


Always have backup rain gear.

The months of March and April can the most unpredictable months for the weather. It could be 80 degrees one day and then a snow storm could hit us the next, there’s just no way to know what mother nature’s going to do. Always keep a pair of rain boots, a rain jacket and a spare umbrella in your car or dorm room to ensure you don’t get caught in the rain and end up ruining your perfect spring outfit.


Don’t forget sunglasses!

The best way to stay prepared for unpredictable spring weather is to keep sunglasses on you at all times. You never know when the sun’s going to come out and bless us with a summery day in the middle of spring. Sunglasses do a great job at spicing up a dull winter outfit and making you feel as if spring is already upon us. I’ve found a great collection of sunglasses for spring style at Diff Eyewear. And the best part is that they are a charitable company, so for every pair of glasses you buy, another goes to a person in a developing country. 


Wear sensible shoes…

Like I mentioned before, you never know if it’s going to rain, snow or be sunny on any given day during the transition months between winter and spring. The best way to stay prepared without sacrificing being fashionable is to wear shoes like Hunter boots that will have you covered in a rain storm but are still very fashionable for spring.


Experiment with a variety of spring patterns

Even if the temperature is in the 40’s outside, don’t let that stop you from rocking floral patterns or bright colors. Clothing items like embroidered jeans will keep your legs covered while still allowing you to show off some serious spring style. In a pinch, the classic button-up tan rain coat never goes out of style. Add some light colored booties in a mauve or tan shade and you’re basically all set for spring weather.


Even if it does not feel like spring outside just yet, don’t sacrifice another minute of your spring style on Ugg boots or chunky wool sweaters. The season is just around the corner and I’m sure we could all use a nice closet cleanse during the transition into our spring wardrobes. Personally, I can’t wait to be rocking crop tops, high-waisted jeans and white Vans this upcoming season!