How To Navigate An Internship


Navigating An Internship

Internships, internships, internships.  The further we progress into our college years, the more we hear this word being thrown around.  For those of you that have yet to experience an internship, here is a little guide for you. I am in no way an expert, but gaining advice from someone in the same position as you can be helpful and often times more realistic. I have put together some of the most helpful tips I’ve received along the way, in addition to things I’ve done in my own internship that I have noticed were successful. 


How To Score Your Dream Internship

1.  Apply for an internship every single day.  Although it may seem unrealistic, the more applications you get out there, the higher your chances are.  You really never know what could happen.

2.  Advisors and career counselors are the most helpful guides. Practically every college has these resources on hand for your access, so use these resources to your advantage.

  2.  Most colleges have a website where companies post job and internship opportunities that are exclusive to that school.  Ask around for that website. At Sacred Heart University, the website is called "Pioneerlink."

3.  Perfect your resume.  Make simple high school summer jobs sound like the hardest, most important jobs in the world. Contact your advisor or career counselor to help you with your resume editing process. 

4.  If contacted by a company who may be interested in hiring you, always follow up as soon as possible.  Keep reiterating your interest.

5.  If you are scheduled for an interview, get there early, dress professionally, be confident, and ALWAYS bring a copy of your resume. If they ask when you can start, say today!



Now that you’ve scored your dream internship, make yourself stand out:

1.     Arrive on time daily and never call in sick.

2.     Always offer to do things--even if they are not in your exact area of interest.  Being open-minded is tremendously important.

3.     Do not limit yourself to just completing the tasks you are assigned.  Go above and beyond.

4.     Always ask questions! It shows you care and are interested in improving.  

5.     Stay late if necessary.  If you are worried about what’s going on later that night or just want to get home and rest, it will show.  Be eager to stay if your tasks are not completed yet.

6.     Do not whip your cellphone out while you are supposed to be working. Especially if you are working with people much older than you, it is 100% frowned upon to even glance down at your phone. 


Using these helpful tips, you will be sure to own the intern scene. Good luck! (Even though you won't need it).