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How To Find The Perfect Bra For You

If finding the right band size, cup size, and coverage in the color you want, feels more like The Hunger Games than bra shopping, you’re note alone. We’re here to help you determine the perfect bra for you before you even get to the store! Isn’t it annoying when you get home from buying your new bra, only to wear it and it doesn’t fit. It’s in your favorite color, its in your size (you think), and you even got it on sale. Now you’ll have to return it and your still lost!

So how do you find the right bra to avoid all of this?

By measuring your bra size yourself, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll never have to worry about this problem again. Even if you’ve been measured before by the sales associates at Victoria’s Secret, check for yourself! Things might have changed or not have been measured properly the last time.

To measure your bra size, begin by using a soft measuring tape to measure underneath your breasts. This will give you your band size.  Next is your cup size. Measure around your chest (center of your breasts) with the measuring tape. To find your cup size, simply subtract your band size from your chest size.

Cup sizes run like this:

1 = A

2 = B

3 = C

4 = D

5 = DD

After you’ve found your true bra size, you can decide which type of bra is best for you. Bras have different types of coverage, material, and options.

Do you want a push up bra? Or do you simply want something that covers and lifts at the same time but doesn’t give you too much cleavage? Do you need something that’s strapless so that you can wear a tube top or dress? Do you prefer cotton or lace? It’s all up to you. Once you’ve found your size it becomes much easier to find the right bra.


Here are some options:

This Katie bra from American Eagle will give you full coverage.


This Very Sexy push up bra from Victoria’s Secret will give you some natural lift and cleavage.


This multi-way bra from Victoria’s Secret can be worn with everything. It has adjustable straps, light padding to lift and shape, and underwire for support.


This demi bra from Maidenform will give you support as well as comfort, and are cut a little lower than full coverage bras.

Samantha Brunetto is a junior majoring in media studies at Sacred Heart University. She is interested in the field of public relations and has had a previous internship for a fashion public relations firm in New York City. Samantha also enjoys traveling and going to the beach.
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