How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Everyone feels lonely sometimes - it’s pretty much inevitable. There are going to be times when your friends do things without you, so you end up sitting at home on a Friday night wondering why you are ten episodes deep into Criminal Minds. Anyways, my point is sometimes people feel like they are alone in the world, but I’m here to tell you there is a better option than eating your weight in Ben and Jerry’s. Here it is plain and simple; be your own best friend. Shocking right? 

Now how do you do this you may ask? Well get ready my friend because I'm gonna break it down for you.

1. Cultivate your interests.

Yes, we all know watching sexy men on TV shows is a great way to pass the time, but don’t let Netflix rule your life. If you find yourself with nothing to do pick up a book, volunteer, learn how to knit (ya know, if you are into that). Discover something you are passionate about and get lost in it. Don’t wait around for others to come with you or invite you. If you have a passion for something there should be nothing standing in your way of experiencing it.

2. Recognize your goals.

When you are studying and your friends are deciding between svedka and smirnoff, think about what you want in life. Recognize the ambitions you have for yourself and remember to take every opportunity to fulfill them. The big test you are taking Saturday night off to study for? It's taking you one step further to reaching those goals. Don’t allow your want for acceptance or affection stop you from attaining the life you want.

3. Understand yourself

The first two steps allow you to start grasping the very foundation you have built yourself on. You have found your passions and aspirations but also your shortcomings. You like soccer, and pictures of puppies cheer you up. You enjoy The Office because no matter what episode you watch, you laugh. All these bits and pieces of your personality help you when maybe you are feeling a little alone. Look at some cute puppies and BAM - instant happiness.

If this doesn’t make you smile, I don't know what will

4. Accept yourself.

This may be one of the hardest things to do, but learning to accept your so-called “flaws” is so important to not only becoming your own best friend, but to being truly happy in general. You need to learn to be the supporter, care-taker, and best-friend of that awesome person that is you. Love the individual you have become. Believe in the fact that you may not necessarily be the greatest at some things, but you totally f*cking rock at others. Get passionate about yourself and appreciate every little detail that makes you, well you. Once you accept yourself you will stop looking for that acceptance in others. So when you feel alone, don’t search for someone to complete you because you already have the ability to complete yourself.

As much as I truly believe in being your own best friend I am by no means saying friends aren’t extremely important in your life. Friends are the freaking best. They are the ones who have your back (especially when drunk), they make you laugh by just being their weird dorky selves, and they teach us about ourselves everyday.

All I’m saying is when you are feeling lonely just remember - you already have an extremely unique badass mother f*cker right there with you, always.