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How To Avoid The Turkey Drop! (The Dreaded Pre-Thanksgiving Breakup)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Hey, girls! Are you currently in a relationship and head over heals for your guy? With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, you may be questioning if your relationship will last– but not to worry. Here are five tips to avoid the dreaded turkey drop otherwise known as a pre-Thanksgiving breakup. 



1.     Less texting and more talking.

Texting 24/7 can and will murder your relationship. It’s just not healthy, so put the phone down! With the exception of a sweet and endearing good morning and good night text, sending emojis back and forth all day is just totally uneccessary. If you’re doing something with your life (which I assume you college girls are), you’re busy during the week. Nonstop texting should be the last worry on your mind. If you really need to talk to your SO, then make a phone call.


2.     Give each other some space.

Don’t be overly dependent on each other! Let’s face it– girls need girl time and guys need time with the guys. Making time for friends is so important. Here’s a good compromise: Over the weekend, spend one night enjoying a fabulous girls night while your guy does his thing (whatever that may be) and the other night I give you permission to be as clingy as you so desire.


3.     Cut back on the social media.

Oh boy, social media. Where do I even begin? Get rid of one or more forms of social media. I promise that you won’t even miss it. Social media will just add fuel to the fire of jealousy, so quit stalking each other and instead trust one another.


4.     Communicate.

Communication is key! If you feel like you’re relationship is slowly dying, then address the situation. Be open with one another. If you have something weighing heavy on your mind, jsut say it. If your guy is actually worth holding on to, they will understand and try to work on the issue.


5.     HAVE FUN!

If you’re not happy and not having fun in your relationship, then why are you even in it? This is the BIGGEST red flag! You need to be happy in your relationship, so be sure to have fun with each other. Be creative and go on fun, affordable dates.


Hopefully these tips help liven up your relationship and, in turn, help you avoid the turkey drop! Be sure to watch out for any signs that may indicate an oncoming pre-Thanksgiving breakup, but remember that, relationship or not, you deserve to be happy!

This is what a Happy Thanksgiving looks like.

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