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With the holidays finally right around the corner, there’s so many fun traditions that my family has, that I thought I would share with all of you if you needed some new ideas! Holidays are a huge thing for my family, we go all out, from the decorations, to the food, to the activities. My favorite holiday that my family celebrates is Christmas, we throw a huge party on Christmas Eve every year. 

I come from a very Italian family, so we celebrate all of the holidays Italian style. For Christmas, our main celebration is on Christmas Eve. My whole family comes over to my house, and we have a huge party. Because we’re Italian, we do the seven fishes, antipasto, and a ton of other pasta dishes, chicken, and anything else you can think of. It really is a feast. In the week leading up to Christmas, me and my mom bake anywhere from five to ten different Christmas cookies. My favorite cookie that we make is the Italian Anisette cookies with the sugar top frosting and nonpareil sprinkles. Another tradition that we have, that my grandma started for all of us is doing a chocolate Advent calendar every year to get us excited and countdown to Christmas. We also decorate gingerbread houses every year and we incorporate that into our decorations for the holiday. Me and my mom set up a whole gingerbread village every year, with candy trees, gingerbread men, a train, houses, candy shops, and anything else you can think of having in a Gingerbread village. We love decorating in my family, so me and my mom transform our whole house into a Christmas themed wonderland. We put up three different Christmas trees, I even have one in my bedroom! I like the candy, gingerbread decorations, so my room is mostly decorated in a candy Christmas theme.

I’m already getting really excited for the holidays, but specifically Christmas. I can’t wait to start putting up decorations, Christmas shopping, and listening to Christmas music. if you needed any holiday tradition inspiration, I hope this helped! Happy Holidays!

Amanda Palma

Sacred Heart '24

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm from New York! I'm a graphic design major at Sacred Heart University with digital marketing and honors minors. I love art, cooking & baking, and cake decorating!
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