Here's What Everyone Wore at the Spring Concert: DJ Snake

The annual Spring Concert at Sacred Heart University may be over but this year's hottest trends are just heating up. DJ Snake not only brought his EDC vibes to campus, but also an opportunity for everyone to show off their style. From the freshman to the seniors, outfits featured a wide range of styles that are noteworthy. Here were some of this year's most popular choices…

1. Mesh

If you didn’t see at least one girl wearing mesh, there's no way you even went to this concert!  This year’s most popular concert outfit was anything paired with a mesh long or short sleeve top over a cute bralette.  This outfit will definitely be all you’ll be seeing the next couple of weekends. 


2. Jean Jackets


Jean jackets have obviously become the newest and most popular outfit trends. With warmer weather around the corner, this cute and light jacket is here to stay and goes perfectly with all your basic tops. Many girls were wearing a denim jacket with dark jeans or a dark skirt. 


3. Lace-up top

Another very popular outfit choice was a basic lace-up top. These tops have begun to make a big appearance throughout the semester and this concert proved that to be very true. The lace-up top with dark jeans was a cute and easy last minute go-to. Don’t forget about a cute necklace or choker that goes perfectly with this top.


4. Bodysuits

Bodysuits have been an ongoing outfit trend since the beginning of the 2016 fall semester and they are here to stay. Countless girls wore basic colored body suits with a pair of ripped and plain jeans. A body suit with any choker was definitely one of the cutest and easiest combinations.


5. Accessories

Chokers, long necklaces, and beaded bracelets were this year's concerts most popular accessories. A lot of students made their own glow in the dark beaded bracelets with their own included cute phrases.


6. Shoes

Almost all girls wore black Steve madden slip-ons or high top converse. These two options go with basically anything and most girls aren’t too afraid to get them messy.


Even if the Spring Concert is over, we can all relive it with these styles.  Whether you choose the lace-up top, the body suit or the mesh top, you will rock it!