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For National Deaf History Month

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April is a special month! As we come closer to the 15th of this month it is important to celebrate all our friends within the deaf community. Their achievements should not only be celebrated and honored everyday, but serve as an example for anyone that inspiration surrounds us forever in several ways. Sound is something that we hold onto dearly and for those who cannot hear they have the power to tell their stories through strong and beautiful images. Aside from images, sound can come in many forms to those who are hard of hearing. They still have the power to create and hear music through sensing many types of vibrations. Through these vibrations it allows them to create different beats and rhythms allowing those with hearing loss to have the ability to experience music for themselves. American Sign Language has become such an important form of communication in the nation. Just in the United States we have a little over 2 million who are fluent in the language. It is also part of the top 5 languages used in the United States.

I want to take the time to honor 3 important figures in the community who deserve so much recognition for their positive influence on others. Derrick Coleman is the first individual who is deaf to play in the NFL. Coleman has played on teams like the Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals. When communicating during games he utilizes sign language and is able to read lips. Sports is an important part of anyone’s life and it is clear that nothing got in the way of Derrick Coleman becoming a player for the NFL. At only 17 year olds, Millicent Simmonds has become a well known actress specifically for her role in the film “A Quiet Place”. As the entirety of the film is made in silence those who starred alongside her had to learn sign language as a way to communicate within the film. This year the community made history when deaf actor Troy Kotsur was nominated and won an Oscar for best supporting actor. The film he starred in was titled “Coda ” made history as well as it became the first two an Oscars for best picture. The cast was made up of a predominantly Deaf cast. “Coda” also took the win for the best adapted screenplay.

National Deaf History Month should be a takeaway that hard work, dedication and struggles have the power to motivate us in the most unimaginable ways. In this day and age nothing is impossible and it is important we take time to honor those who have come so far. All different kinds of people are what help moves the world forward and continue to spread positive impacts on everyone

Daisy Tuquinagui

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