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A First Impression of Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Taylor Swift dropped her 6th album this past Friday, November 10th, and it is nothing short of amazing. If you haven’t already listened to it, “Reputation” please run out to your nearest Target and buy three copies now.

Everyone thought this was going to be an album all about her drama with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped a few months ago. While the album obviously tells stories of Swift’s life and encounters, it is so much more than just drama. Reputation is an album that shows Swift truly growing up into the woman she has been building up since she was 15 and came into the spotlight.

The other singles that dropped before the album such as “Ready for It,” “Gorgeous,” and “Call it What You Want” have been little pieces to a huge puzzle Swift fans have been waiting to piece together before the album release.

“Delicate,” “Dancing with our Hands Tied,” “New Year’s Day,” and “Don’t Blame Me” are some of the stand-out tracks on “Reputation.” Swift took her vocal ability to the next level in these four tracks and invites a unique sound to each tune.

“New Year’s Day” is the only slow ballad on the album. It is where we see the old Taylor on “Reputation.” Real Swift fans will recognize that soft tone of her voice and identify with the love story she is telling throughout the song.

Each track is so different from the next. Swift collaborated with singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and rapper Future for the song “End Game” and it shows Taylor Swift entering into the world of rap as well.

Swift has not yet allowed for “Reputation” to be streamed on Apple Music or Spotify in order to get her sales in which I think is genius if you ask me. I would have gone to Target the day of to buy the real CD regardless but again Taylor is always keeping the public on their toes.

“Reputation” is something out of the box for Swift and the reactions I have heard from people are very surprising. Everyone’s first reaction to the first track has been “wait, this is Taylor Swift!?”

With every new album that comes out Swift gives apart of herself and what she has been going through to the fans and that is what keeps them coming back album after album. Swift outdid herself with “Reputation” and I hope you all listen ASAP.

Are you ready for it???

Meg Rice

Sacred Heart '19

Taylor Swift enthusiast, lover of caramel iced coffee, & sister of Zeta Tau Alpha at Sacred Heart University
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