Fashion Must-Haves for Fall

Its officially fall (finally!), which means we can all look forward to brisk fall weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course… great fashion!  Here are some staples every girl needs to have in their closet for the fall season:


Belts are super trendy and the perfect addition to any outfit. They are simple, but are the perfect piece to tie an outfit together. I just got this super cute one from Hollister on sale for only $12!



Need I say more? Once you are able to bring out the boots, you know that it’s finally fall! All girls need to have several pairs in their closet for the fall season.  Whether it be over the knee, short booties, or rain boots; you’ll always have the perfect pair to go with every outfit! This pair from Target is super cute and affordable if you’re not looking to splurge!

Oversized Flannels:

Flannels just scream fall! They are perfect to throw on to complete any outfit. They come in such a wide variety of colors that you’ll always find one that matches your outfit.  Tip: shop in the men’s section for flannels! Not only are they more comfortable, they’re also perfect to get the oversize look! This one from Garage is perfect. It will match the neutral colors in your fall wardrobe, and it’s a boyfriend fit, so it’s meant to be oversized!


Nothing’s better than a cozy blanket scarf in the fall and winter months! They are the perfect accessory, and they keep you so warm! Modcloth blanket scarves are my absolute favorite! They come in a wide range of colors and can be worn so many different ways!

Oversized Sweaters:

When the weather changes unexpectedly from 90 degrees to 50, every girl’s saving grace in the fall is their oversized sweater. They are perfect for class, or even if you’re just hanging out in your dorm! My favorite option is my bear coat! They come in so many different colors and it is one of the most comfortable articles of clothing I own.  Seriously, it’s the best $50 I ever spent! You can order this one online from one of the local boutiques in my hometown!

Graphic Tees:

Graphic tees are perfect for everyday wear because they are super casual, but also cute! Band tees are super in right now! A lot of graphic tees also have a choker neckline which I love! My favorites are graphic t-shirt dresses. Throw on some sneakers and you’re good to go! I love the options from Misguided, and you can always get your 50% student discount!


All velvet everything! Velvet fabric is a go to this fall and winter season.  This velvet shirt from urban outfitters is super chic and perfect for the off the shoulder trend that’s so popular right now!


Invest in a vest! They’re perfect for fall weather when it is still not cold enough for a coat but there is still a little chill in the air. This one from H&M is perfect if you’re looking for a cute and affordable option!!860!3!200226268295!!!!362029169447!&ef_id=Wcw9XQAAAPC75NwI:20170928002731:s