Easy Gifts for Your Best Friend or Sibling

Recently it was my little sister’s “sweet” 16th birthday. My sister and I are really close, so I obviously wanted to get her a little something as a gift. The problem was, what on earth do I get for her? My sister is somewhat picky, which only makes things more difficult for me. I decided to try what most people do when gift shopping: search Pinterest. On this wonderful app and from other websites I searched, I found a few potential options for this year and future holidays. I also tried to keep in mind the price range of my gift options, since I’m a broke college student living in another state than my family. So, here are some gift ideas to give to a loved one for any holiday: 

1.     Matching jewelry 

Matching bracelets or necklaces can be meaningful and an easy way to keep each other close in thought. Etsy has so many options for this kind of thing, and you can get jewelry engraved to say whatever you want.  

2.     Water bottle. 

 I mean any cute looking water bottle is a nice gift any time. However, teenage girls prefer Hydro flasks (which of course are more expensive). But you can never fail with a classic water bottle filled with candy or other small gifts. 

3.     College merch. 

For some reason it’s considered trendy in high school to wear college merchandise, which makes it a good gift idea. Even something simple like a t-shirt or baseball cap works. Plus, it’s convenient to get at the bookstore that’s right on campus.   

4.     YouTube merch. 

If you know a person who loves watching YouTube videos on the regular, then it could be a good idea to gift them merchandise from their favorite creators. The merchandise is usually reasonably priced, trendy, and comfy.  

5.     Board games. 

Games are always a good go-to gift. Target has some really good ones that are targeted more towards teens and adults. Examples include “That’s What She Said” and “Cards Against Humanity”. There are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to pick a bad one, making it a perfect gift idea.   

6.     Tap Bracelets. 

I found out about these the other day, called Bond Touch, and they seem really cool. They’re bracelets that look like Fit-Bits and when you tap it, the bracelet sends a vibration signal to the person wearing the bracelet. They can reach anywhere in the world, which would make it a good gift for someone in a different state or at a different college to keep in touch. However, these are a little pricier, but they still would be a really great gift and another way to stay in touch with a loved one.  

 7.     Movie/TV Show merch. 

Everyone has a favorite TV show or movie. A t-shirt, sweatshirt, phone case, or something else with a logo or iconic quote is a great gift to make someone happy. Also, as a bonus, the merch can attract other fans and lead to friendships and potential watching buddies. 

8.     Gift cards and candy 

This is a classic, but you can never go wrong with bags of candy and a nice gift card to a restaurant or store. This is probably the cheapest gift on the list, but don’t be afraid to go all out with the candy. Also, feel free to add some crazy socks as well!