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My future little sis – my soon-to-be Ben & Jerry’s and Vampire Diaries bingeing partner, my go-to girl for advice or a good laugh, a study buddy, a listener, the little sister I’ve never had but always wanted, and most importantly, a new best friend.

In just a few weeks we will become big and little. I can remember my own Big/Little Reveal just last year. Getting my Big and developing such a great bond with each member of my fam-line is what has made me so excited to get my own little.

As you start to get clues, hinting to who I am, I will be forced to do everything possible in order not to spoil it. And even your roommates will be in on it – keeping this a secret until the big reveal.

At the very beginning, I mentioned all that you will become to me once you are named my little. But, you should know all that I hope to be to you. As your Big, I will be your big sister, your mom, a tutor when needed, Dunkin Donuts delivery service, a mentor, an advice giver, a role model a listener and a shoulder to cry on (but never over boys, because I will never let them hurt you!), a future bridesmaid, and above all, a best friend.

I promise to be there whenever you need me, even if its at 3:30am with a McFlurry in hand. I promise to always be honest with you (even when the first outfit for the night looked better, but you liked the second one). I promise to be a good-influence on you – forcing you to come to the library with me, but also a bad-influence on you at times – if I need Chipotle and Main Street Creamery – you need Chipotle and Main Street Creamery. I will chase away boys that aren’t good enough for you, and make sure the one’s who are, give you the world and nothing less. I promise to always only be one text or phone call away when you need me. I promise to be there every step of the way throughout the rest of these four years in college, suffocating you with all of the love in the world.

They tell you that being a part of a sorority is not just for college, it’s for a lifetime – and with that comes our friendship and sisterhood. As my Little, you will always be able to count on me even after I have graduated next year. I will always only be one quick text or phone call away. For the time being that we have these few years together, you can count on wine-nights, hand-me-down letters, late night Insomnia trips, random little gifts from me just because you’re my Little, and of course immeasurable amounts of love and support. I will be right by your side through it all – whether it be in the library studying until we can’t read words on the pages of our textbooks any longer, or it’s spent partying, making memories and taking countless pics that we will look back on over the years. (Sorry in advance for making you take about 100 pictures because we all know my ability to ruin just about every picture I take!!).

Just before you know it, Big/Little Reveal will be here. I cannot wait to meet you Little one!! Soon enough you’re gonna be stuck with me forever and I’ll be stuck with you! Welcome to the fam, Little. Always remember, Biggie loves you ♡

Ciara Swan

Sacred Heart '19

Ciara Swan is a senior at Sacred Heart University. She is an Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy major. She aspires to be a Pediatric Physical Therapist one day. Ciara has been a part of HerCampus for three years, formerly fulfilling the position of Secretary for her chapter on campus. She is a member of Chi Omega where she served as Secretary. A coffee in the morning and a good laugh are a necessity in every one of her days.
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