A Day In the Life of a Pioneer

Ahhh...Sacred Heart University. From going to Outtakes, to living in Fairfield, oops, I meant Bridgeport, to going to G Star, here are some ways you know you’re a Pioneer.

1.     You either wake up in your dorm, apartment, or house, and wonder why SHU says that you live in Fairfield, because let’s face it, you live in Bridgeport.

2.     You can’t imagine getting through class without a drink from Outtakes, so you make that a priority before class.

3.     You struggle to stay awake during your class, even if it is only an hour and fifteen minutes.

4.     You look forward to getting an egg sandwich at Linda’s after suffering through your boring lecture.

5.     You then have some time between classes to possibly go to the library. However, you debate whether you want to risk your life because of the snow and ice all over campus.


6.     After a long contemplation, you decide to just go back to bed before your next class.


7.     You walk through the halls and recognize so many faces, but see so many strangers at the same time.

8.     But you always recognize Sandy from 63’s


9.     You’re swamped with so much homework and studying to do, but you have to blow off some steam. What better way than going to G-Star or Omar’s?


10.  You immediately regret all of the decision you made while going out, but hey, it was fun right?

11.  You better get some sleep, Pioneer, you’re going to be doing this all over again tomorrow.