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Coming Home For Summer as told by Cher from Clueless

Another year is in the books for every student at Sacred Heart! Now that our spring semester has flashed before our eyes, it’s finally time to enjoy the summer. Regardless of how finals went, we all know we can go home and finally play it cool for a while, and no one knows how to play it cool better than Cher Horowitz. Leave it to her to describe your exact feelings as you pack up and go back home for the summer…


1. Pulling out of campus after finishing your last final

But you gave it your all, no more looking back! It’s time to enjoy your summer.


2. Packing up all your belongings for summer and realizing you’ve just finished another semester of college

You might even be getting emotional over the dorm room you spent all year complaining about… somehow every semester flies by faster than the previous one. Time needs to slow down because you are not ready to leave.


3. When your parents ask you how your finals went

All the while you’re crossing your fingers, hoping that there was a curve on the exam.


4. Carelessly spending all your money leftover from the semester on a new summer wardrobe

Which you shamelessly justify throughout the process… consider it retail therapy after a long semester.


5. Putting in your last efforts on that summer body to show off your new wardrobe in

Even though your favorite hometown restaurants definitely sound more enticing than the gym right now.


6. And FINALLY getting back together with all of your hometown BFFs

No matter how finals week went, all your worries fade away when you reunite with your lifelong best friends!

Shannon Sweeney

Sacred Heart

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