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There is something about watching the same show for the 5th time, it’s just the best feeling. No but seriously…. I am not sure what makes comfort shows so entertaining, but I cannot help but go back to what I deem my “classics”. Now you might ask, why do I watch the same shows or movies over and over? My answer is simple. When you think about it, repetition can create an affinity towards something. I think that’s why the more you watch a comfort show or movie, the more attached to it you become. The familiarity of the show is my favorite part, and I love becoming attached to the characters and their development throughout a series. My go to shows are Saturday Night Live and New Girl, because they are both easy shows that consistently make me laugh!

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Saturday Night Live is a classic and whether or not you are a fan of it, you definitely have a favorite sketch or cast member! When I get asked what my comfort show is I always say this one, as it has been a constant in my life since I was 10 years old! I have such fond memories of watching reruns with my family, and quoting our favorite scenes. I think the beauty of a show like this, is that every generation can relate to it! 

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As many people know, New Girl is probably one of the greatest sitcoms of our generation! There are so many reasons why this show is perfection.  Aside from Nick Miller, the friendships the cast made in real life is evident on the screen. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I love it so much is because I can picture myself being friends with each of the characters.  Another reason is since so many people have watched it, you can talk to so many people about it who relate to the show.

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I think no matter what your comfort show or movie is, everyone can relate to the overwhelming feeling of calm you get watching it. You can multitask better, since you do not have to pay attention to the plot as much. Many people who enjoy background noise while working utilize this, as you can watch a show without having to keep track of the plot. I think comfort shows are important now more than ever, because they were the one constant in a chaotic year. No matter what your comfort show is, everyone can agree that they bring feelings of calm and stability to us!

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