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1. Visit a pumpkin patch

Visiting a pumpkin is free and usually pumpkins are relatively cheap to purchase. Plus, pumpkin patches are great places for a cute fall themed photoshoot.

[bf_image id="xsckqscvn3tb237799w984g"] 2. Go apple picking 

Apple orchards usually sell bags to fill with apples you pick yourself for under $20, making it a cheap and fun activity to get some friends to help you with.

3. Make artwork with leaves 

Obviously leaves are free and it can be really fun to look around for pretty colored ones. I recommend searching on Pinterest for some art inspiration! Maybe make a painting or a wreath.

4. Go for a fall picnic 

Picnics are relatively cheap and a really fun way to get together with some friends and enjoy the fall weather. Snacks tend to be pretty cheap and if everyone brings something to the picnic, it ends up being a less expensive alternative to getting lunch together.

5. Have a fall photoshoot

Photoshoots in fall are the best, the lighting and the beauty of nature is prime for some great photos. Find a cute little spot in your town or even on your street and get dressed up and just take pictures and have fun! Also, apple orchards and pumpkin patches are great spots for photoshoots as well. 

[bf_image id="mmfgqn66b78xsjxpthrk2rm6"] 6. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are relatively popular in the fall, when the fall vegetables are finally in season. This is a great way to spend little money and get some fresh produce as well as support local businesses.  7. Go for a hike 

Hiking in the fall is one of my all time favorite things to do. The colorful leaves make everything so beautiful and the cool, crisp air makes it enjoyable and not sticky and sweaty. Hiking is usually free unless you have to pay a few bucks for parking.

8. Bake an apple recipe

I am a huge fan of apple recipes such as apple pies, apple tarts, and more! Baking is such a fun activity that is usually pretty cheap when it comes to purchasing ingredients. Get some friends together, play some music, and get baking!

[bf_image id="ns3bk7vvwsxkt9jb4mj6wb"]

9. Watch a Halloween movie 

Halloween movies are one of the best ways to get into the fall spirit! Get a bunch of blankets, pop some popcorn and get some friends over to have a fun movie night. I recommend, Hocus Pocus, Scooby Doo, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown, or Ghostbusters. 

Ally Peto

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Hi! My name is Ally! I'm a Film/Television major and I love eating pancakes and watching movies! :)
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