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Can You Celebrate Galentine’s Day if You Have a Boy Toy?

“Ugh…we can’t have Valentine’s Day with the gals…because of YOU!” 

Now the truth of these words is up for debate, but nevertheless my best friend jokingly swatted at me as she shrieked them. The moment was so ridiculously funny we put it on our College Quotes List*, complained that I kind of, sort of, sometimes have a man, and then skedaddled on with our day. 

Except her outburst got me thinking, was I not allowed to celebrate with my best friends simply because I might have a boy wanting to celebrate it with me? Especially if he’s just a Boy Toy*, we’re not even officially dating? In my oh-not-at-all-biased opinion, I should be able to celebrate my love for my girls with a nice Galentine’s Day celebration. Whether or not I have a romantic prospect is completely separate from the love I feel for my roommates and my friends, who are a much more important part of my life than some temporary boy. Especially considering Galentine’s Day is a completely separate holiday  – it’s actually February 13th – I see no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate with my gals. 

Then my teammate at track practice mentioned how much she hates Valentine’s Day even though she’s been in a relationship for nearly three years. What? I was the epitome of confusion, until she explained because Valentine’s Day tends to make people extremely bitter and she hates witnessing that. People refuse to go on Instagram for the entire 24 hours so they don’t have to see all the happy couples posting all loved up. I’d never thought about it that way. I know my friends love me, and they tell me that quite often, but would they possibly be a little aggravated by my presence simply because it could remind them that they’re not taken? 

I don’t want to be a burden, or a reminder of something that other people might not have, especially since we’re not even dating. But the thing is, there will always be boys – however temporary or long-lasting they might be – and they will never be able to replace my girls. It doesn’t matter how taken or single any of us are because Galentine’s Day is about appreciating each other and our friendship. So as always….

 Hoes before Bros.*


College Quotes List: A little running Shared Note created by my fabulous roommate, Bridget, to chronicle all the absolutely wild things that come from our friends’ mouths. Highlights include “I feel like gelatin” (while listening to All Too Well the ten minute version – valid) and “Sometimes I swipe right on the occasional ginger just to make sure I can still pull them…and then I unmatch” (arguably much less valid). 

Boy Toy: A man you spend more than the average amount of time with, have more than the average amount of feelings for, and do an average amount of romantic things with. Such things include: dinners, sleepovers, maybe meeting their roommates, maybe they meet yours? Essentially, the official word to refer to that boy during your trial run before y’all decide if you’re actually committed and dating or not. 
Hoes before Bros: The most undeniably true statement in all of Girlboss Vocabulary which at its essence means, your girlfriends over your boyfriends. Your main hoes will always be a larger part of your life than a temporary male, so a true girlboss’s priorities should always reflect that.

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