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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

The Basics:

Name: Patrick DeFilippo Jr.

Nickname: Pj

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

Major(s): Criminal Justice and Psychology

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: Single

Campus involvement: Member of SHU’s D1 Baseball team


This or That:

Merritt Canteen or Best Edibles: Merritt Canteen

G-star or House party: Gstar

Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks: Dunkin Donuts

Beer or Booze: Beer

Blonde or Brunette: Brunette

Beach or Lake: Lake

Mets or Yankees: Yankees

Jets or Giants: Jets



Season: Fall

Holiday: Christmas

Food: Steak

Vacation destination: Atlantis

Pizza topping: Sausage


NEC Champs!



So, you’re on the baseball team! What is it like to be a part of a D1 sports team?

PJ: It’s a blast! Being with a great group of guys day in and day out, as well as all the traveling, makes being on a team really easy. It also keeps me busy, too.


That’s great! Do you see yourself playing baseball after college? If not, what are your post-grad plans?

PJ: I do see myself playing baseball after college. My goal is to get drafted onto a team.  However, if that does not work out, I’d like to either become a lawyer or get my master’s degree in criminal justice so I could become a detective for the federal government.


Those are some big plans – I wish you the best! Now, to the good stuff. Girls are dying to know…are you single or dating?

PJ: Thank you. I am single.


Well, in that case, what does your dream girl look like?

PJ: Dirty blonde, straight hair, blue or light brown eyes, tan, and 5′ 5″ tall.


Hear that, ladies?!

Haley is a sophomore at Sacred Heart University, with a minor in Fahshion Marketing. She loves hanging out with her pup and going for adventures in nature.
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