Campus Cutie: Frank Crisci

Name: Frank Daniel Crisci

Hometown: Deer Park, NY

Year: Sophomore

Relationship Status: Undecided

Major: Exercise Science

Involvements on campus: Pi Kappa Phi, SET team, Habitat for Humanity, and fun fact: I'm currently studying abroad in Italy!!


Food: Chicken-Parm and Penne alla Vodka

Drink: Sprite

Color: Blue

TV series: Prison break

Movie: Fifty Shades of Grey

Sports team: Yankees

Place you’ve traveled: Italy


Five things you cannot live without: Chipotle, Frank Scozzari, Holy (his fox/dog), facetiming the two most important ladies in my life: my mother and Dana Martino, and the Ryan Matura Library


This or that:

Summer or winter: Summer

Blonde or brunette: Blonde

Sweet or salty: Salty



NA: What is your favorite part about studying abroad?

FC: Experiencing the Italian culture and venturing countries.


NA: What do you miss the most?

FC: Too many choices to just pick mom, my brothers (biological and “fraternal”), Old Town Road, and Chopsey-Hill.


NA: What is your favorite memory at SHU?

FC: Attending formals!


NA: What is your idea of the perfect date?

FC: A sunset boat ride under the Robert Moses bridge over to Fire Island for a seafood dinner at Ocean Beach’s The Mermaid, then wrapping up the evening with a casual stroll along the shore while simultaneously savoring every last lick of her favorite ice cream.