Campus Cutie: Amanda Alfano

The Bae-sics

Name: Amanda Alfano          

Nickname: Amand, smands, mandy

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Holbrook, New York

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Major: Business Administration

Campus Involvement: A member of Zeta Tau Alpha

Social Media Handles: Instagram: @amandaalfano Twitter: @Salamanda




This or That?

Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes

Fetty Wap or Bieber Fever? Bieber Fever <3

Vodka Red Bull or Bud Light? Vodka Red Bull

Long hair or short hair? Long Hair

Movie night or dance party? Dance Party

SoNo or Red’s? Red’s

Kendall or Kylie? Kendall

Dunks, Starbucks or Bagel King? Starbucks!



Do or Don’t?

PDA in public: NOO

Wearing sunglasses at night: Do not

White after Labor Day: Do

Exposed, unpolished toes: Don’t

Riding the bull: DOO

Dancing on the bar: Do!

Tweeting your feelings: NO

Friending your professor on Facebook: Don’t

Friending that cute guy you randomly made out with last night: Do, why not

Eating ice cream in December: Yessssss

Using your phone at the gym: Only for music

Ordering over three items in the drive-thru window: Do do do



Think Fast:

Most embarrassing moment @ SHU: One of my first nights studying abroad, I sliced my foot open on a piece of glass, got stiches and had to spend the entire trip on German crutches. 

Most memorable night @ SHU: Being snowed in during the blizzard last year with my housemates!

One thing you regret: Deciding to graduate this December

One thing you’re proud of: Being roommates with the same girl all 4 years of college @elisabellino heyyyy

Your best Snapchat creation (with photo):


Your favorite pickup line: If you were a booger, I’d pick you first

Your favorite T.V. show: King of Queens/ Revenge

Your Merritt Canteen order: Lol a double cheese burger with bacon bits... 

Three things you’ll miss most post-graduation:

1.      My best friends

2.      Best Edibles

3.      Being able to wear sweats every day