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Campus Celebrity: Morgan Debelle Duplan

Campus Celebrity: Morgan Debelle Duplan

Year: Senior (Class of 2016)

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut

Major: Media Studies, French Minor

Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Her Campus Blogger and Member of Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society


What activities are you involved with on campus?

I am a founding sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I enjoy volunteering through Alpha Delta Pi at the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven. I am also a writer for Her Campus Magazine. As my internships and jobs have increased the past year, it is harder for me to find time to be on campus during the week.  In the past, I have been a member of the ballroom dance ensemble and a student technician at The Factory, your go-to for technological help.

Ronald McDonald House Charities lend a helping hand to families of sick children. 


What are you involved with outside of school?

Outside of school, I intern at Fox News in the city as a College Associate. I work with the show Red Eye twice a week and absolutely love it.  As a second job, I work for a clothing company called Kora Rae. On the side, I am also my dad’s social media assistant for his photography business in Bora Bora.


How does one land an internship with Fox?

I applied for my internship online through their career site. Thankfully, I received a phone interview. The interview went well, and I heard back weeks later that I had received the position. It was helpful that I had previous experience with television production from a past internship on the Maury Show. I have learned one thing: Always be prepared by doing your research prior to an interview!


How do you balance your internship with school and everything else you are involved in?

I don’t know if it is all balanced or just organized chaos! I am always busy and always rushing, but I somehow make it work! I love being busy. I get up early to work out and get my homework done before the day really begins. I am always making checklists that help me prioritize my day. I try my best to be positive and work hard each and every day for every opportunity.


You are majoring in Media Studies, what do you plan to do after school?

I aspire to be a television broadcaster for a successful television network. I am working on putting together a sizzle reel to highlight and showcase my skills as a reporter and on air talent. I will be able to send my reel out to numerous television networks and potential employers in hopes for a job in the near future! I am excited about future opportunities and to see where my path leads!


Morgan modeling in last year’s Her Campus College Fashion Week NYC!

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