Campus Celebrity: Mackenzie Page

Name: Mackenzie (Healy) Page

Aliases: Mack Page, Mack Bae-ge

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theater

Hometown: Narragansett, RI

Campus Involvement: SHU Theater Arts Program, Education Club


What’s your favorite thing about being a Pioneer?

My favorite thing about being a pioneer is being in such a close knit community. I have found my family away from home. The Theater Arts Program has helped me find my place and was a great way to get involved on campus!

What have you done in the Theater Arts Program at Sacred Heart so far?

I have done a variety of things, not just acting. I’ve done costumes, projections, and I’m producing a show, "Tik Tik Boom", next semester. I was also in the ensemble for Sweeney Todd freshman year. First semester sophomore year I was in two Theater Fest shows. This semester, I’m Frances in “No Sex Please, We’re British”. I also will be playing the role of Angel in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” Yee haw!

You must have been so excited to get the lead role in “No Sex Please”! Has everything gone smoothly so far?

Well, acting wise, yes. Set wise…we’ve seen better days. Our third night, our couch broke so we had to improvise the blocking of the rest of the show. The fourth night, the front door (important to the show), came off the hinges! A glass also broke and the actors had to be careful not to step on it! (Some actors were barefoot). It was hard not to break character when the whole audience explodes in laughter. Thankfully, we were able to work through it.

“No Sex Please” has some more… mature… humor. Has that been awkward?

It’s only awkward when my parents had to come see the show. My sister saw my dad put his head down during the scenes when I was kissing someone or wearing lingerie!

Were you always a theater major?

Actually, no. I applied to schools as a theater major but applied here undecided because SHU didn’t have a theater major at that time. I was an English pre – education major. I realized that I could never see myself not being involved with theater. It’s been my passion since I was only five years old, and I’m a big believer in following your dreams.