The Best Costumes at SHU: Halloween 2015

Halloween is any college student's favorite holiday. Judging by the photos, you all get more and more creative each year...


Katie Morovich, Jessica Podmokly and Katelyn Cahill as three blind mice.


Kaitlyn Kreitzman as the Queen of Hearts.


Yes, Kelly Romano dressed up as a keg (minus the free beer).


Natalie Cioffari and Lea Brady as our favorite drink, Franzia!


Such a cute couple costume! (Ben Ketcham and Joanne Downing).


Squints and Wendy Peffercorn, we are just a tad obsessed (Filipe Lobato and Megan McDonald).


Julia Pedersen and her bestie as Chipotle burritos!


Katherine (Kat) Seckler and Lena Tondi as Cat-Dog! Having major flashbacks here...


This doe-eyed deer (Bethany Baumann) made her own antlers and did her own makeup! Impressive.


Yet another cute couple costume. Amanda Mohagel and her beau dressed up as Blue and Steve from Blues Clues (another childhood favorite).


Kristina Markey, Jenna Greco and Julia D'Abramo as Fetty Wap and his trap queens. Fetty would be proud.

Mabelin Luzon as a 50s girl and her friend as a college grad in debt (so funny)!


Victoria Bradley and Erin Morgan as Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man! Love it, ladies.


Elizabeth Tevnan as the deer and her boyfriend as the hunter. Clever, guys!


Cristina Yang and Meredith Gray, we love you (Carly Cavagnarlo and friend).

Tourists at Disney! (Margaret Woods, Danny Sheehan and Tara Bradley).


Three Powerpuff girls and Professor Utonium. Great idea Marissa Torseillo, Amanda McGuire, Lea Brady and Natalie Cioffari.

Casey Stathopoulos and friends as zombie brides!


Harley Quinn and The Joker (Marcus DeSouto and Hailey Hastings).


Lola and Bugs from Spacejam! Love it! (Gianna Neutts and John Grillo).


Elizabeth Dolan and her boyfriend nailed this iconic photo!


The pizza man and his pizza. We've never seen this one before, but we love it! (Alex Hanelt and Kaitlyn Mital).


Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy Macelroy from Blades of Glory (Jillian Gray and Tracy Donlon)! Their poses are everything.


Busted. (Jill Foertsch, Alexa Fleck and Chelsey Montani).


Kaite Scura (right) and her M&Ms!


Danielle La Porta and friends look amazing. Check out that makeup!

Handmade scuba diving costumes (Samantha Carpinello and Brittany Hamilton).


Thank you all for your submissions! Your costumes never cease to surprise us.