Beach Trends for Summer 2017

As the semester comes to an end, it's time to prepare for summer! Summer trends tend to step-up their game each year with fun and flirty new styles. Here’s some cute and fun new styles you can rock on the beach this summer. 

The Floppy Hat

(From Asos: $18.50)

Floppy Hats have become a staple for the summer! Get a hat that fits your personality, whether you want a happy, bubbly hat like this pom-pom one, or if you want a sassy, black straw hat, cater it to you! Once you find the perfect floppy hat, it's only necessary that you show it off on Instagram, whether you are sitting poolside, or “candidly” posing on the beach in the sand. 

One Piece Swimsuits

(From American Eagle/Aerie: $40)

Once piece swimsuits have made a huge comeback. Everyone has been rocking these flirty bathing suits, from the Jenner’s, to every Instagram model ever. Find a one piece that compliments you, and that makes you feel like you're on baewatch. Whether you're style is similar to this carefree one piece from American Eagle, or if you prefer a sexy one piece like the Jenner’s, it won’t be hard to find one that fits with you!

Wire Frame Sunglasses (is that what they’re called?!)

(Aldo: $16)

These cat eye sunglasses have become wildly popular over the past few months, and I don't see these going out of style any time soon. These fun, badass sunglasses are a staple for any trend follower. From the mirrored lens to the chic wire from that goes over the front, these sunglasses are trendy, and they are going to fly off shelves quick. Check out Aldo for this pair, before they sell out!

Body Chains

(Urban Outfitters: $32)

Channel your inner Shakira with these fun and sexy body chains. This delicate, gold piece is the perfect accessory for any beach day. Picture it now— laying on the beach with your friends and seeing this dainty body chain shimmer off your tan, oiled body. Check out Urban Outfitters to get this body chain, or opt for a cheaper one at Forever 21. Either way you'll make a statement. And trust me, it won’t disappoint.

Circle Beach Towels

(Round Towel Company: $40)

Circle beach towels are a new trend that will hit our beaches this summer. The unique towels give you optimal tanning space, and double as a cute feature of your next Instagram photo! These towels will follow you back to school in the fall when you need to look as cute as possible studying on the quad. The style possibilities vary from boho, like this one, to cute fruit prints! Check out the Round Towel Company for every print possible!


This summer will be the time to channel your inner fashionista. With these trends you can't go wrong. Whether you want to wear bold bright colors, or opt for more neutral colors, you'll be cute and totally on trend!