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Are the 80’s Making a Comeback?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

The 1980’s: an era filled with bright colors, big hair, bold accessories, and let’s not forget shoulder pads.

 Most people today would agree that the 1980s were not a highlight in American fashion history. Though, some fashion trends of the 80s seem to be making appearances once again… are the 80s Making a comeback? 

Scrunchies: Scrunchies were the ultimate hair accessory in the 80s. Towards the end of the decade, Rommy Renson, the inventor of the scrunchie, was looking for an alternative to plastic and metal hair ties. Renson actually dreamt up the idea, and ended up naming them after her dog, Scrunchie! While the scrunchie soon faded from the spotlight, the trend is back and as popular as ever. This accessory is a fun way to add a pop of color to any hair style. Many scrunchie fans also wear them on their wrist as an additional accessory!

Vans: Although originally released in 1977, Vans didn’t become popular until the 1980s. Vans consisted of bold colors and patterns at the height of their popularity in the 80s. The black lined midsole, an iconic trait of many Vans, was actually inspired by customers. Wearers of the shoe started to color the midsole and the company caught on. This design has been continued since the 1980s as Vans remain a staple shoe today.

Ray Bans: Ray Bans, one of today’s most recognizable sunglass brands, first became popular in the 1980s. Their sunglasses were featured in many movies and TV shows during the 80s, causing them to boom in popularity. Tom Cruise wore a pair of Ray Bans’ Wayfarer shades in the film “Risky Business”.  Today, Ray Bands are a must have for any sunglass wearer. Their Wayfarer style remains one of their most popular items. 

Leggings: Girls today find ways to wear leggings for just about any occasion. We wear them to the gym, to class, to lounge in, and we even dress them up. Leggings are everywhere. What legging fans may not know was that this trend was huge in the 1980s! Leggings, also referred to as footless tights, first came to light in the late 50s, but didn’t become widespread until the 80s. Leggings were primarily worn for fitness and dancing in the 80s, but were also commonly paired with oversized, cold shoulder shirts when they were dressed up. Additionally, leggings were made in bright colors and designs. Today, black leggings primarily run the show; however, colored and patterned leggings are becoming increasingly popular for fitness wear!

Bike Shorts: Finally, bike shorts. Bike shorts have just recently started to make a come back. The Kardashians have all been spotted on occasion sporting this trend; though, this look was popular during the 80s. The “it” girls of the 1980s were fans of bright colored bike shorts. This look was dressed both up and down. 

While many of these trends have changed since their popularity in the 1980s, it is evident that they were inspired by their 80s predecessors. It is hard to believe that so many popular fashion trends today came from the 80s, a decade often mocked for questionable fashion decisions.

While some may continue to mock the bright colors, big hair and shoulder pads, the 80s might just be making a comeback! Will you be trying out any of these fashion trends?

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