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A Look at Christina Applegate: A Role Model

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As we approach the third and final season of “Dead to Me,” Christina Applegate has continued to leave footprints of success that are beyond impressive. We celebrate all her achievements and her hard work. When Applegate began filming this final season she was diagnosed with MS. MS also known as multiple sclerosis can be an adjustment for anyone. Christina Applegate becomes a figure that is so special because of the strength she displays constantly and how her biggest battles are only part of her story.

1. Talent at a young age

Christina Applegate began acting at the age of three months old. It was at the age of nine that she made her film debut starring in “Jaws of Satan.” From then on, Christina Applegate has dedicated her time into becoming one of America’s most recognized and talented actresses. Over her career Applegate has received 7 Emmy nominations, 4 Golden Global Awards, 1 Tony Award, and a People’s Choice Award. As lead actress in her current show “Dead to Me,” she gained stellar reviews.

2. Passionate for Philanthropy

Christina Applegate’s many highlights include the work she does by giving back to several different communities through philanthropic work. Some of the organizations she had worked with are Spirit of Women Health Network, Stand Up To Cancer, Trevor Project, and World Animal Protection. In 2009, Applegate even became a spokesperson with the fundraiser Lee National Denim Day. After battling breast cancer, she became the perfect candidate to help raise money for a great cause.

3. Battle with Breast Cancer & MS

In 2009, Christina underwent a double mastectomy along with the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Though she was told cancer was starting to occur in only one breast she was not afraid to take the chance and opt for a more difficult procurement if it meant putting her health first above all. Christina Applegate began to work with many organizations as a spokesperson who was able to relate to many women who experienced worries and doubts. Most recently, during the filming of her current show, she became diagnosed with MS. Christina Applegate announced to the world that while she was still processing the news, it was something she would take day by day. Lately, she has been acknowledging that while it has been hard, it did not stop her from filming her last season of “Dead to Me.”

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