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7 Fun and Safe Things to do while Covid is Still Here

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

It’s been almost a year living shut out from large events, fun nights out, big friend groups, family gatherings, traveling, ect… I think you understand since it’s something we’ve all been going through. However, it’s essential to remember that we’re doing this to protect the health of our family, friends, and ourselves. Now that there is new hope to bring these events back in the near future with the distribution of vaccines, it’s important to remain safe until a larger percentage of people are vaccinated, as we’ve already come this far. However, the battle to stay safe physically is hard in order to protect your mental health and social relationships. Here are some fun ideas to keep your mind occupied while still being Covid safe. 

1. You’ve probably seen trends where people paint all white vans or nikes but it is a little nerve racking to test your creative abilities on 70 plus dollars. Instead, grab some acrylic paint, paint markers, sharpies, glitter, whatever your creative spirits are calling, and decorate some affordable shoes from your nearest Walmart. This is something you can do with a friend or your family or just by yourself. This could also be an awesome personalized and affordable gift as well! 

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2. One positive about isolation is that I have definitely expanded my playlists with all this time to listen to music. On https://duolovesongs.byspotify.com/ you can create a personalized playlist with your significant other. Though this is made for couples, I love doing this with my friends and it’s the perfect way to learn new music that you and your friends could jam to together. 

3. HAVE AN ADVENTURE DAY! Pick three places you want to go maybe within an hour radius of your house and spend the day exploring them. It could be a hiking trail, a beach, a park, etc..   Try and pick the places to line up in the same direction that way you’re not blowing all your money on gas.  

4. With all this down time at home you’ll definitely crave a lot of snacks. The perfect way to start eating a healthy, delicious snack while still making it fun is to try and make some smoothie bowls. There’s so many different combinations you’re bound to like something, and experimenting the flavors is the fun part! For some inspiration check out Twin Coast on YouTube.  

5. Write a letter to your future self. Hear me out, I know this sounds boring but you may surprise yourself. You probably have learned a lot about yourself through this Covid journey and you may have questions for yourself about what post covid life may look like.  

6. Spice up your room with some new decor. Check out Target, Five Below, Amazon, ect… for some more affordable decor and use Tik Tok and Pinterest as inspiration. 

7. Decorate clothing and make it your own with some iron on patches. Use these for T-shirts, backpacks, hats, jeans, etc… You can buy some iron on patches at craft stores or amazon is a good place to find large packs.  

I hope you will try out some of these fun activities to do in quarantine. Stay strong, we are almost at the finish line. 

Mollie Lewis

Sacred Heart '24

I live in CT , attend Sacred Heart University, and am currently undecided in the school of Arts and Sciences.
Sacred Heart student from Mass, sharing my thoughts and interests with others on Her Campus :)